RLT Welcomes New Board Members for 2022!


As a nonprofit theater, Raleigh Little Theatre relies on a dedicated and talented board of directors to accomplish its mission. July 1 marked the beginning of RLT’s fiscal year, and the theatre welcomed five new board members as of this date. Click the links below to learn more about each new board member:

RLT also thanks the following outgoing board members for their service:

  • Amy Bason
  • Chanda Branch
  • Debra Schafrath
  • Gene Jones
  • Phyllis Parish Howard

Officers this year include Natasha Gore (President), Harryson Turner (Vice President), Kirk Smith (Treasurer), Nicole Rogers (Secretary), Wyatt Booth (Board Attorney), Judy M. Dove (Volunteer Representative), and Lisa Hoskins (Past President).

Check out the full list of RLT’s board of directors here. Thanks to all for their service!