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Lisa Hoskins

Past President

Lisa Hoskins has been involved with RLT since moving to the University Park neighborhood in 2006. After her daughter’s first role in a show, she became part of the RLT family volunteering, ushering, and serving on the Youth Advisory Committee. Her family has enjoyed the benefits of attending shows regularly and participating in the youth and adult education program. It has been her privilege and honor to serve on the Board of Directors and to represent this phenomenal, non-profit organization. She has seen first-hand the character education and community impact of this theatre.

Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose career focus has been in healthcare and aging settings, serving those in hospice and the ALS community. Currently, she works at The Center for Volunteer Caregiving which serves Seniors and the disabled in Wake County. She is interested in advocacy as an NASW-NC legislative committee member, and the benefits of self-care practices completing a 200-hour yoga teacher program. When she is not working she enjoys reading, nature, travel, scuba diving, and volunteering with the SPCA fostering kittens.