Interested in volunteering at Raleigh Little Theatre?

There are over 500 people who volunteer some of their time at RLT. Some of those have been at the theatre over 25 years and there are some who have just joined this year.

So why would I want to get involved?

Here are some reasons:

Where do I start?

If you’re new to the theatre the best place to start is work on a show as one of the crew members (props, lights, sound, running, dressing) or to work as an usher (handing out playbills, showing patrons their seats). Here’s some simple steps:

  1. Join the volunteer mailing list on our Email Newsletters page.
  2. Watch out for emails from crew chiefs asking for crews or other emails from people asking for volunteers
  3. Reply, saying you’re interested and you’re new
  4. The crew chief will provide training

What can I do? As you can imagine, activities at RLT revolve around the shows we do. The theatre puts on 11 productions every season (July-June), so its just about one per month. And each production runs for 2-3 weeks. So as you can see, as one show closes, the next one is just about to start. As to the shows that are planned for this season, see our Shows and Events page. So here are some of the tasks volunteers do at the theatre:


Advertising and box office:

Back stage during productions:

Helping patrons during shows:

I just want to usher

We’re always in need of ushers for every performance of every show, so you’re in good company! Here’s what our ushers do:

Note: Although we do our best to accommodate all physical abilities, prolonged standing (30-60 minutes), bending, and the climbing of stairs may be required. We have an online system to organize our front of house volunteers, ushers, concessions, and house managers — hostedgroups.org. Go to our Front-of-House Sign Up page on how to sign up and volunteer. In addition, you may also want to come to the next RLT Volunteer Open House (see below). Once you’ve been on a crew, next you could try another crew, or try your hand as a crew chief. You could also help with construction (set, costumes or props). If you’ve tried ushering, perhaps next as a House Manager.

Volunteer Open House Night

The theatre holds a Volunteer Open House every six months or so. This is where members of the public are invited to see how the theatre operates behind the scenes.

Volunteer Open House is advertised via the volunteer mailing list and on this web site.

How much time must I commit?

You pick the activities you want to do, based on how much time you have. For example:

Theatre Jargon

If you’ve just started, maybe you’ve heard a term back stage that you don’t quite understand the meaning of. Check our list of theatre jargon – that might help!

Who do I contact for more information?

If you need more information about volunteering, call or email Alicia Grey. If you want to volunteer in a specific role, that’s great! Here are the people you can contact:

Pre Production:


Volunteer Handbooks

Learn about what certain volunteer roles entail

Learn More

Links & Resources

Theatre Jargon

If you’ve just started, maybe you’ve heard a term back stage that you don’t quite understand the meaning of. Check out our list of Theatre Jargon.