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Auditions: The Music Man in Concert with the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra


** Auditions will now take place only via online submission due to COVID-19. Details are below. **

Raleigh Little Theatre will be holding auditions for The Music Man in Concert by video submission, due by Tuesday March 24. Callbacks are in-person and tentatively set for March 29 and March 30. The production will be conducted by Jim Waddelow.

Important dates:

Auditions: Auditions are by video submission only and are due by Tuesday March 24 at midnight. Details below.

Callbacks: We are hoping to do in-person callbacks in small groups as recommended by the CDC, however, that is subject to change. Callbacks are tentatively set for Sunday March 29 or Monday March 30. We will update this page as we finalize dates, times and location.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals for this show will be limited and will be determined by the availability of those cast to sing in the show. Please fill out the attached conflict calendar to indicate all your known conflicts in the month of May. Actors will be expected to learn their music prior to rehearsals.

Stipend: Due to the abbreviated rehearsal schedule and the expectation of self-guided work prior to rehearsal, all performers will be given a stipend of $100 for their participation in the concert.

Performances: May 16th and 17th, 2020 in the Stephenson Amphitheatre on the Raleigh Little Theatre campus – with possible rain date on May 23rd.

About the show

The Music Man follows fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to organize – this despite the fact he doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian the librarian, who transforms him into a respectable citizen by curtain’s fall. By turns wicked, funny, warm, romantic and touching, The Music Man is family entertainment at its best.

About the roles

These roles are open to all ethnicities and identities. 

Charlie Cowell: A traveling salesman who is on to Harold Hill’s schemes. Tirelessly attempts to prove to everyone the true con man behind Harold Hill. Male, age 25 to 45

Harold Hill: Our story’s unsuspecting protagonist. A con man, traveling under the auspices of a salesman, he eventually falls in love with Marian Paroo. Charismatic and charming. Male, age 28 to 40, vocal range Ab2 – F4.

Shinn: A blustery politician who is all too “self-important.” Begrudgingly married to Eulalie, he is skeptical of the town rumor mill. Male, age 50 to 60

Ewart Dunlop: A member of the quartet formed by Harold Hill with a tenor voice. Ewart is married to Maude Dunlop. Male, age: 25 to 45, vocal range: F3 – F5.

Oliver Hix: A baritone in the quartet formed by Hill. Oliver is married to Alma Hix. Male, age: 25 to 45, Vocal range: B2 – F4.

Jacey Squires: The highest tenor in the quartet. Married to Mrs. Squires. Male, Age: 25 to 45, Vocal range: C3 – C5.

Olin Britt: A citizen of River City and the bass of the quartet formed by Harold Hill. Male, age: 25 to 45. Vocal range: F2 – C4.

Marcellus Washburn: Harold’s chummy old friend and former con man, he now lives in River City and is trying to settle down. Male, Age: 30 to 40, Vocal range: G2 – A4.

Tommy Djilas: An attractive, young man from the wrong side of town. He is secretly courting Zaneeta. Male, Age: 16 to 21.

Marian Paroo: The stuffy town librarian and music teacher. She is an attractive young lady who eventually falls for Harold Hill. Stuck up. Curious. Female, Age: 23 to 33, Vocal range: G3 – A5.

Mrs. Paroo: Cheerful and always plotting. An Irish widow and mother to Marian and Winthrop. Female, Age: 45 to 60, Vocal range: Ab3 – Eb5.

Amaryllis: A slightly bratty piano student of Marion Paroo. Female, Age: 10 to 14, Vocal range: C4 – E5

Winthrop Paroo: Marian’s baby brother, he is very shy because of a noticeable lisp. Embraces Harold Hill and the marching band. Male, Age: 10 to 14, Vocal range: C4 – Eb5.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Mayor Shinn’s peacock wife. A serial gossiper and snob, she has trouble keeping her opinions to herself. Female, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range: D4 – D5.

Zaneeta Shinn: The Mayor’s fresh-faced daughter who is in love with Tommy. Sweet and outgoing. Appears to be daffy at times. Female, Age: 16 to 20.

Alma Hix: A “Pick-a-Little Lady” married to Oliver Hix. Female, Age: 25 to 45

Maud Dunlop: A “Pick-a-Little Lady” married to Ewart Dunlop. Female, Age: 25 to 45

Ethel Toffelmier: A comical “Pick-a-Little Lady,” and Marcellus Washburn’s girlfriend. Female, Age: 25 to 40

Mrs. Squires: A “Pick-a-Little Lady” married to Jacey Squires. Female, Age: 25 to 45

Ensemble: Constable Locke, Newspaper Readers, River City Townspeople, Traveling Salesmen

About the auditions

Auditions are by video submission only. Submissions are due by Tuesday March 24 at midnight. Follow these instructions:

  1. Please prepare to perform a song from a musical written before 1970. You can record the entire song, however, if you would prefer to sing a 16-32 bar cut, you are welcome to do that instead.
  2. Read our Audition recording instructions before you record. In particular, record in landscape and ensure your video starts with you stating your name and the song you are singing.
  3. Record the video on your phone, tablet or laptop.
  4. Upload the video to our Dropbox submission page (works on a phone, tablet or computer):
    1. If you are uploading from a computer, please rename the video file to your name before uploading
    2. Click/tap the Choose File button on the page to select the video
    3. Select the video you want to upload
    4. Enter your name and email address in the fields provided
    5. Click Upload
    6. You will receive an automated confirmation email from Dropbox in a few minutes
  5. Review the conflict calendar and note which rehearsals you have a conflict with.
  6. Fill out the online audition form on Google Docs, including stating what your conflicts are.

If you have any questions about this submission process, please send an email to Bryan Bunch at artisticintern@nullraleighlittletheatre.org.

Audition links

Interested in auditioning?

Contact Patrick Torres at patrick@nullraleighlittletheatre.org with any questions about the show.