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Auditions: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


Raleigh Little Theatre will be holding auditions for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Simon Stephens adapted from the book by Mark Haddon on Monday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 8th with callbacks on Wednesday, October 9th. The production will be directed by Patrick Torres.

Important dates

Auditions: Monday and Tuesday, October 7th and 8th. Registration from 6:30pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Theatre Lobby. Please sign up for an audition slot on our SignupGenius page.

Callbacks: October 9th at 7:00pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

First cast meeting: November 4, 2019 at Raleigh Little Theatre

No conflicts December 15th (we will be taking breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays). No more than 5 conflicts for the entire duration of the rehearsal process.

Preview: Thursday, January 16th.

Opening: Friday, January 17th.

Performances: January 17th – February 2nd: performances are Thursday through Saturday at 8 pm and Sundays at 3 pm.

Possible Extension Dates: February 6th – 8th.

Sensory Friendly Performance: February 9th at 3:00pm.

Strike: February 9th after the Sensory Friendly performance. All actors are expected to participate in strike.

About the show

Fifteen-year-old Christopher has a mystery to solve. Someone has killed the next-door neighbor’s dog with a garden fork and Christopher is a suspect. Determined to discover who killed Wellington and going against his father’s wishes, Christopher begins an investigation into the dog’s murder, asking questions, and recording his findings in a book. Though he has never previously ventured alone beyond the end of his street, Christopher’s detective work ends up taking him on a frightening journey that tears apart his once familiar world.

About the roles

Ages listed below are not hard and fast. We are seeking actors of all ethnicities. identities , and abilities for this cast. If you need any specific accommodations to audition, please contact Artistic Director, Patrick Torres, to request what you need. Examples of accommodations made in the past are: wheelchair accessible audition space, large print materials, prompters in the audition room, volunteers to help fill out forms, and auditions by appointment.

Christopher – Seeking an actor with Autism, Ages 15 – 20 to play 15, male-identifying. An English teenager who is an outsider due to his unique perception of the world, which he sees in surprising and revealing ways; he notices things in minute detail yet has difficulty understanding social and emotional cues and difficulty empathizing with others; this lack of understanding often makes the world seem frustrating and frightening to him, and he can become agitated and even violent when he has to deal with too many overwhelming external stimuli. Incredibly intelligent but shy and mistrusting of strangers, Christopher feels things deeply but doesn’t know how to express or articulate them.

  • Must be able to execute specific choreography including being touched (hugged, touched on shoulders) and lifted into the air (the ensemble will lift the actor in the air as part of the narrative, etc). Accommodations can be made depending on the wants/needs of the person cast in the role. 
  • Technical elements in this show will include projections, quick changes in lighting, and loud sound cues.
  • We are seeking a performer who is willing to disclose they are on the Autism Spectrum. However, we will not require the performer to discuss specifics and will work together to define boundaries for any public communication.
  • Prior theatre experience is a plus.
  • Auditions for this role will be by appointment prior to October 7th. Please email or call Artistic Director, Patrick Torres, at patrick@nullraleighlittletheatre.org or 919-821-4579 ext. 222 to schedule an appointment. 

Siobhan (female, age 30-40): Christopher’s teacher and mentor, the only person in Christopher’s life with an understanding of his situation. She strives to teach him how society works and how to behave within its guidelines. Constantly negotiating around his anger, she is professional, warm, caring, calm, gentle and self-possessed and also sensitive to his strained relationship with his father. She often serves as the narrator of his story and of his feelings.

Ed Boone (male, age 35-50): Christopher’s father; estranged from his wife, Judy and struggling as a single parent trying to raise his son the best he can. A working class man. Proud, gruff, and brusque, he is unable to convey his emotions and feelings but loves his son deeply. He is a good man but there is a lot on Ed’s shoulders when he first enters the play in pain and near breaking point, though he does not openly express it. He has trouble communicating with Christopher, who often frustrates him. And though he’s naturally practical and much more patient in dealing with Christopher, a difficult situation can make him lose it, sometimes violently. A plumber and heating engineer by trade, naturally good with his hands.

Judy Boone (female, age 35-45): Christopher’s mother; she works as a secretary and is a working class woman with a tough exterior who has no support system to raise her son and blames herself for her inability to cope with him effectively. She has had a hard life and had to fight for things, which she is ready to do, as she is feisty and doesn’t take anything lying down. Loving, yet impatient, she has felt very alone in her situation with Christopher and it frustrates her to a point of absolute desperation. She wishes she knew how to truly reach and care for Christopher. Independent, lonely and proud, she doesn’t easily ask for help and has never had the proper social resources to help her.

Voice #1 (female, 20-50): Mrs. Shears, Mrs. Gascoyne, Woman on Train, and Shopkeeper

Voice #2 (male, 20-50): Roger Shears, Mr. Wise, Duty Sergeant, Man behind Counter, and Drunk One.

Voice #3 (male, 20 – 50): A Policeman, Mr. Thompson, London Policeman, Man with Socks, and Drunk Two.

Voice #4 (male, 35 – 50): Reverend Peters, Uncle Terry, Station Policeman, and Station Guard.

Voice #5 (female, 20 – 50): No. 40, Lady in Street, Information, and Punk Girl.

Voice #6 (female, 40 – 60): Mrs. Alexander, Posh Woman.

Actors playing Voices will be required to lift Christopher as a group as they are able and must be comfortable with physical contact, choreographed movement, and body weight sharing. 

About the auditions

Please sign up for an audition slot on our SignupGenius page.

Auditions for the role of Christopher will involve readings from the script. Everyone else should prepare a contemporary monologue no longer than 90 seconds for the first round of auditions.

Callback list will be posted on the RLT website by Noon on Wednesday, October 9th.

Callbacks are Wednesday, October 9th in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre.

Creative Team

Director: Patrick Torres
Movement Director: Heather Strickland
Assistant Director: Rachel Pottern-Nunn
Costume Designer: Ketti Shum
Scenic Designer: Sonya Drum
Lighting Designer: Elizabeth Droessler
Sound Designer: John Maruca

Audition forms

Interested in auditioning? Here are some forms to fill out and bring with you to auditions:

Contact Patrick Torres at patrick@nullraleighlittletheatre.org with any questions.