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Audition Information / Announcements

Auditions: Measure for Measure


Raleigh Little Theatre will hold auditions for Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare on Monday, October 15 and Tuesday, October 16 with callbacks on Sunday, October 21. Rebecca Blum will direct the production.

Please note: Raleigh Little Theatre is a Community Theatre and actors serve as volunteers.

Important dates

Auditions: Monday and Tuesday October 15 and 16 at 7:00pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre. Registration begins at 6:30pm.

To register for an audition slot on October 15 or October 16, please use our Signup Genius page.

Note: Any youth interested in auditioning for the roles of Pompey, Bum, and Thomas should plan to check in at 6:30pm and have a parent present to meet with the director at 6:45pm. See the note in About the Auditions section.

Callbacks: Sunday, October 21 starting at 10:00am and 1:00pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre. Actors will be assigned to one of the time slots, and will not have to attend both.

First cast meeting: Monday, October 29 at 7:00pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre.

No conflicts after: December 13, 2018. No more than 5 conflicts for the entire duration of the rehearsal process.

Preview: Thursday, January 10 at 8:00pm

Opening: Friday, January 11

Performances: January 11 – January 27 in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

Strike: Sunday, January 27 following the 3:00pm show. All actors are expected to participate in strike.

About the show

Duke Vincentio is fed up with the sinful ways of his people, but he also doesn’t want to be the one who enforces Vienna’s strict sex laws. So, the Duke announces he’s heading out of town for a while, leaving a super-strict deputy, Angelo, in charge. Angelo immediately arrests Claudio for impregnating his fiancée. Claudio begs his virtuous sister Isabella, who wants nothing more than to be a nun, to meet with Angelo and plead for Claudio’s life. She does, but Angelo, overcome by lust when he sees her, gives Isabella an ultimatum: If Isabella will sleep with Angelo, he will set her brother free. If not, Claudio will die to be an example for the rest of Vienna. Through the lens of the #MeToo movement, we’ll explore themes of justice, sensuality, morality, deception, and how our treatment of these themes affects the upcoming generation.

The show will be performed in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre at Raleigh Little Theatre. For more information and to buy tickets, see the the Measure for Measure show page.

If you wish, you may download the script (PDF) we will be using for our production.

Note: This version of the script reflects the cast and roles listed below. It is a work in progress and is subject to change.

About the roles

Everyone over the age of 12 is encouraged to audition. Due to the message of this production, the genders listed for each character are fixed as stated – some are male, some are female, some roles can be either.


Duke/Friar Lodowick (male): He puts Angelo in charge to enforce laws that haven’t been enforced in 14 years. Then, he disguises himself as a monk so he can stick around and see how things go. He finds himself in the middle of a scandalous situation. Sometimes his actions are full of mercy; other times, not so much.

Angelo (male): A pious man with a well-hidden past, he is put in charge during the Duke’s absence and begins harshly enforcing the strict sex-related laws. Faced with his own sensual desires, he makes a hypocritical choice that brings his past back into focus.

Secretary to the Duke/Angelo (female): A woman doing her best to make ends meet in a job that affords her very little respect.

Escalus (male or female): A judge who, despite being more qualified for the job, is overlooked by the Duke when Angelo is named as his replacement.

Escalus’ Officer (male or female): Escalus’ right hand, privy to the injustice of the broken system.

Provost (male or female): A disenchanted government worker who, above all else, wants true justice served.

Provost’s Officer (male or female): Next in charge under the Provost, this Officer is the enforcer.

Elbow (male): A well-meaning, but simple townsperson, who believes he is a constable, but essentially makes glorified citizen’s arrests.

Abhorson (male): This executioner hasn’t had to kill anyone in 14 years, so he’s gotten lazy. When his duties are suddenly required again, he asks for assistance.


Friar Peter (male): The only person privy to the Duke’s disguise and involvement in the community during his “absence.” He gets dragged into the scandal as well.

Francisca (female): A fairly skittish nun who works hard to keep the church clean and follow the rules of her order.


Isabella (female): A young woman who wants, more than anything, to be a nun. Her dream is postponed when she decides to help her brother. Then she faces a horrible dilemma that challenges her entire belief system.

Claudio (male): A young man desperately in love. For impregnating his fiancée, he is arrested and sentenced to death as an example to the community that the strict sex-related laws are back in effect.

Juliet (female): She is unmarried and pregnant. Her baby’s father is imprisoned and sentenced to death. Her commitment to Claudio never wavers, and neither does her sass.

Mariana (female)*: She was engaged and abandoned by Angelo, but her love for him has never died. She lives on the streets and plays music for money. Must sing and play an instrument – please see note below.

Mistress Overdone (female): Mistress of the largest brothel/pub in the city, she is concerned about the implications these laws have on her livelihood and those she cares about.

Froth (male): Frequent visitor to the brothel/pub who is arrested by Elbow and taken in for questioning.

Barnardine (male): Possibly the oldest person in the prison awaiting execution. He enjoys drinking, sleeping, and generally being contrary.

Lucio (male): A mischievous member of the town who gets by on charm. He is a frequent visitor to the brothel/pub.

Crassus (male): Rowdy friend to Lucio and frequent visitor to the brothel/pub.

Kate (female): A prostitute who works at Mistress Overdone’s brothel/pub. Does what she must to make ends meet.

Pompey (female teenager)**: A clever teen who works for Mistress Overdone. Along with Bum and Thomas, she watches the events of the play unfold. Please see note below.

Bum (female teenager)**: A mischievous teen who works for Mistress Overdone. Along with Pompey and Thomas, she watches the events of the play unfold. Please see note below.

Thomas (male teenager)**: An intelligent teen who works as a tapster for Mistress Overdone. Along with Pompey and Bum, he watches the events of the play unfold. Please see note below.

About the auditions

To register for an audition slot on October 15 or October 16, please use our Signup Genius page.

Registration will begin at 6:30. Any children auditioning will go first.

Please prepare a dramatic or comedic monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays. Please prepare a piece that is no longer than one minute or 12-14 lines in length. The director may give you some direction and have you perform the piece again, so brevity is preferred and appreciated!

* If you would like to be considered for Mariana, please prepare a 30-second original piece to perform at the audition on the instrument of your choice. She is a street musician, so small instruments are preferred. Bonus if you use Shakespeare’s text as your lyrics!

** Pompey, Bum, and Thomas are meant to be young teenagers (12-13 year olds). Themes of sexuality, lust, assault, consent, justice, and morality will be explored in this production. The kids will be involved in discussions of those themes during rehearsals. They will also be onstage for almost the entire show. At the beginning of both nights of auditions, Director Rebecca Blum will speak briefly with the parents of anyone auditioning for these roles to explain the importance of the characters and answer any questions.

The callback list will be posted on the RLT website by Noon on Thursday, October 18th.

Callbacks will be held in two sections on Sunday, October 21st at 10:00am and 1:00pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Theatre. Actors will be assigned to one of the time slots, and will not have to attend both. Callbacks will involve readings from the script.

Perusal copies of the working script will be available for a 48 hour checkout from the RLT business office. The office is located in the rear of our facility and is open from 10:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Please call the RLT office at 919-821-4579 to check on availability.

About the production team

Director: Rebecca Blum
Scenic Designer: Elizabeth Newton
Lighting Designer: Kaitlin Rider
Costume Designer: Ketti Shum
Sound Designer: John Maruca
Stage Manager: Elaine Petrone

Audition forms

Interested in auditioning? Here are some forms to fill out and bring with you to auditions:

Questions about auditions? Contact Rebecca Blum at mmmsassy@nullgmail.com.