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In 1996, RLT began awarding talented Youth Education program participants with the Youth Achievement Award. Starting at the 2000-2001 Annual Meeting, a second youth award, the Youth Initiative Award, was also handed out. In 2018, the Youth Achievement Award was renamed the Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award.

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About the awards

The youth awards are as follows:

Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award

The Youth Achievement Award is the highest awarded honor a member of the Youth Program can receive. It is presented to those students who demonstrate a well rounded commitment to Theatre, to Raleigh Little Theatre, to their school and to their community. They are team players. They are creative in spirit, generous with their time, dedicated to personal growth and enthusiastic about the positive impact they can have toward making this a better world.

In 2017, we lost a very special person, Linda O’Day Young. She was our fearless leader for quite some time. Linda was creative, energetic beyond belief and a true advocate for teens. The Staff at RLT has decided to rename this award to the Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award.

Youth Initiative Award

The Youth Initiative Award is a special award given to RLT Teaching Assistants in recognition of their dedication to the art of teaching theatre. Their love of and respect for theatre is so contagious that they not only inspire the students in their care but the teachers they assist as well. Recipients of the Youth Initiative Award go above and beyond in Raleigh Little Theatre classrooms, casts and organizations and have proven themselves to be humanitarians, free thinkers, role models and above all else, examples of kindness, patience and insight.