Remembering Dennis Rogers


Dennis Rogers with his RLT Cantey Award in 1988, when he won Best Actor for the role of Norman Thayer in “On Golden Pond.” NEWS & OBSERVER FILE PHOTO

A note from Patrick Torres, on behalf of RLT:

“Our dear friend Dennis Rogers passed away this past Saturday morning. Dennis was a legend around Raleigh Little Theatre, and we will miss him deeply.

Dennis Rogers was a performer who won multiple Cantey Awards, a Board Member during the early 80s, a lifelong supporter of community theatre, and an incredible journalist. He was known to most of Raleigh through his work at the News and Observer. His articles were characterized by their honesty, humor, and his dedication to telling stories about everyday people. Several of you have reached out to me this weekend to let me know his performances were every bit as honest, truthful, and funny as his writing.

Perhaps the most significant connection Dennis had with RLT is this is where he met his wife, HollyAnn. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to HollyAnn and his daughter Denise during this difficult time.

While we are sad to report Dennis’ passing, we find peace in knowing that great artists never leave us. People like Dennis who created amazing performances and bore witness to the lives of the people of North Carolina leave a legacy that we will not forget. His life is a reminder to all of us that when we speak truth, invest in other people’s stories, and step out with courage – we make the world a better place. And when you can make us laugh on top of it, well then you have stolen our hearts.

We are grateful for Dennis’ legacy, and we will carry his memory with us always.”

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