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Back Stage Night

October 3, 2017

Cantey V. Sutton Theatre

For everyone who’s always wanted to runaway to the theatre, Raleigh Little Theatre will hold its twice-yearly volunteer open house on Tuesday, October 3 at 7:00pm on the RLT main stage.

Where: RLT’s Cantey V. Sutton Theatre
When: Tuesday, October 3 at 7:00pm
Who: Anyone who wants to find out what happens back stage at RLT

Interested in learning more about technical theatre? Have you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at the way a theatre is run? If you are an aspiring actor, director or lighting, sound costumes or props person, RLT would love your help! (People with nice telephone etiquette and the ability to lick a stamp are welcome too!)

At Backstage Night, meet experienced volunteers; get the inside scoop on upcoming shows; and sign up to help with the productions. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand on stage or backstage, but weren’t sure how to get involved, here’s your chance. Plus they’ll be really great food afterwards too, so don’t miss out!

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