RLT offers classes at the Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex.

237 N. Salem Street
Apex, NC 27502

To register for Apex classes, go to http://thehalle.org

Registration opens July 16.

Creative Drama

Ages 6-8
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm

Discovering Drama. Students will explore and practice the skills needed to bring a story to life such as movement, pantomime, vocal projection and characterization.

Session 1: Time Travelers
September 4 – October 16

Session 2: Magical Mysteries
October 23 – December 11(no class November 20)

Play On

Ages 8-10
Mondays, 4:30-6:00pm

Discovering Drama. Students step into characters, worlds and situations from exciting source material, students will imagine, improvise and ultimately perform their own adventures based on the world of classic and contemporary stories.

Session 1: A Wrinkle in Time
September 10 – October 22

Session 2: Storytellers Around the World
October 29– December 17 (no class November 12)

Act ‘n Sing

Ages 9-12
Thursdays, 4:30-6:00pm

Skill Building. Do you like to act? Do you love to sing? Then this class is for you! Students will learn the skills needed to bring the mini-musical to life on the stage. Classes will focus on projection, working in an ensemble and character study.

Session 1:
September 13 – November 15

Get That Part! Audition Workshop

Ages 10-14
Saturday, September 8, 10:30am-1:00pm

Have you ever gone to an audition and not really known what to do or what was expected of you? Relax… In this workshop students will learn how to prepare for auditions, the art of the cold reading, professional behavior and personal appearance for the audition.

Apex Players

Ages 11-14
Wednesdays, 4:30-6:00pm

Artist Development. This performance class is for the serious actor who is willing to work on character development, relationships on stage and memorization. Students will learn bold choice-making and teamwork as they are cast in a bare-bones production of an exciting script that deals with a silly rabbit who wishes he were anything but a rabbit! No experience necessary.

Session 1:
September 5 – December 5 (no class October 21 or November 21)