RLT's box office & business office will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in observance of Juneteenth.


RLT isn’t just a theatre organization – it’s a collection of individuals who bring truth, beauty, laughter, and magic to the community all year long. As a supporter of RLT, we know you wear multiple hats (sometimes literally) to keep it all going. You give your time, money, and talent onstage, backstage, front of house, sitting in the house, treading the boards, running the board…. Everyone pitches in to make everything happen, which is what makes RLT so special.

Become an RLT Sustainer today!

You can now become an RLT Sustainer so your donations can do all you do, all year long.

Why Become a Sustainer?

It’s easy:

Being a sustainer is…really easy in that it’s just part of my monthly budget; I don’t have to plan or remember to make a contribution to RLT.”

As a sustainer, there’s nothing for you to remember. Set up a donation once and have it run automatically each month. That’s it. And there’s no need to keep track of all your donations. RLT will send you a summary letter in January each year to use for your taxes.

You have two payment options for your gift. You can make your donations via credit card or fill out this direct debit authorization form and send it back to RLT to make your donations by direct deposit from your bank account.

It allows you to do more:

By donating a small, manageable amount each month, sustainers are able to make a larger gift over time than they could by making a single donation. Sustainers also receive donor benefits based on one year of monthly donations. This means you can get great donor benefits starting with a monthly donation of only $8.33!

It makes a bigger impact:

“I became a sustainer because I liked the idea that Raleigh Little Theatre could rely on my support every month, and could focus on creating wonderful theater and education experiences for the community rather than worrying about fundraising.”

RLT offers productions, classes, camps, and more every month of the year. Your monthly donation provides consistent, reliable support that lets us focus on delivering high-quality, affordable theatre and theatre education to the community.

Become an RLT Sustainer today!