Audition Information / Announcements

Cast list: Measure for Measure


To everyone who auditioned for Measure for Measure: you have my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent over the past week. Your bravery through the process and willingness to play helped me grow as a director. Whether you were cast or not, I truly hope you found the experience worth your time and energy. Casting is such a tricky balance of inference, expectation, and guesswork. Please don’t be discouraged if you were not chosen this time. There are so many of you that I hope to work with someday – please come audition for future productions!

For those cast, you are called for costume measurements and first company meeting Monday October 29th in Raleigh Little Theatre’s Gaddy Goodwin Theatre. Measurements will begin at 6:00pm and we ask everyone to do their best to arrive between 6:00pm and 6:30pm. The company meeting will start at 7:00pm. Parents of our under 18’s are asked to attend the first 30-45 minutes of paper work and RLT orientation in the company meeting. The Stage Manager will be emailing during the week with other needed information and you can contact her if you have any questions before Monday.

Thank you again everyone,
Rebecca Blum


Duke/Friar Lodowick: Nathan Bradshaw
Angelo: Wade Newhouse
Secretary: Beth Somerville
Escalus: Niki Jacobsen
Provost: Jim O’Brien
Officer: Jon Morrison
Elbow: Laura J Parker
Abhorson: Will Harris


Friar Peter: Keith Kenel
Francisca: Karen Morgan Williams


Isabella: Rosemary Richards
Claudio: Christopher McBennett
Juliet: Rebecca Nelsen
Mariana: Kylee Silvas
Mistress Overdone: Donna Rossi Youngblood
Froth: Ryan Renfrow
Barnardine: Christopher Blackwell
Lucio: Benjamin Tarlton
Crassus: George Russing
Kate: Rebecca Ashley Jones
Prostitute/Nun: Claire Huene

Teen roles – character names still to be assigned

A Ruffin Atchison
Caroline Farmer
David Morrison
Graylyn Schieman
Sophia Unger