Audition Information / Announcements

Cast list: James and the Giant Peach


The following people have been cast in RLT’s production of James and the Giant Peach. First cast meeting will be Thursday, March 9.

A big thanks to everyone who auditioned. You all made the decision a tough one! Please let us know if you would like to work on the Production Team.

Narrator: David Snee
Aunt Sponge: Denise Penven-Crew
Aunt Spiker: Laura Levine
James Trotter Michael McKenna
Grasshopper: Jonathan King
Centipede: Matthew Hurley
Spider: Caroline Farmer
Ladybug: Rebecca Leonard
Earthworm: Chris Brown
Glowworm: Grace Kelly

Crowd Member/Cloud Man/New Yorker: Molly Anglum
Father/Crowd Member/Cloud Man/Chief of Police: Dan Bain
Mother/Crowd Member/Mayor: Michelle Corbitt
Crowd Member/Cloud Man/Reporter: Madeline Epstein-Nelson
Crowd Member/Second Officer/Child #2: Sam Rutherford
Crowd Member/Captain/Head of Fire Department: David Thomas
Crowd Member/First Officer/Child #1: Miana White
Little Old Man/Cloud Man: Noah Zimmermann

Please email the director, Kathleen Rudolph at kathleen@nullraleighlittletheatre.org to accept your role.

Costume measurements and first cast meeting will be Thursday, March 9, as follows:

  • Costume measurements, in the Costume Shop: Arrive anytime from 6:00pm onwards, but no later than 6:30pm.
  • First cast meeting & read-through, in the Green Room: 7:00pm or as soon as everyone is finished in the costume shop

Enter the RLT building using the Stage Door, located at the back (lower) side of the building adjacent to the Rose Garden. You can park in the lower-level staff parking lot if there is space, otherwise park on the street or the big amphitheatre lot and walk down. Go in the Stage Door and turn left, then go all the way down the end to the Costume Shop.