Audition Information / Announcements

Cast and Crew for “Lost Girl”


RLT’s education department recently completed auditions and interviews for the Teens on Stage / Teens Backstage program. The following students will make up the cast and crew of Lost Girl for Summer 2020:

Teens on Stage:

WENDY: Caroline Farmer
CORA / A: Elikya Mwanda
CALLIE / B: Lara Rydesky
KRISTA / C: Laura Lillian Baggett
NINA: Bela Gonzalez
MOTHER: Mia Purse
SLIGHTLY: David Morrison
NIBS / DETECTIVE: Donovan Miller
CURLY / DOCTOR: Atticus Blum
TOODLES / THERAPIST: Maximiliano Fernando Escalona
BOY: Sean Moss
PETER: Jenna Davenport

Teens Backstage:

Alexander Matta
Ellen Stowell
Lucy Lloyd
Nat Mundorf
Peyton Joyner
Rachel Maselli
Rae Quarles
Travis Turner