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Cantey Awards Night 2021 – Volunteer and Youth Awards


The RLT staff after surprising Heather Strickland with the only 2021 Cantey Award. Photo by Cindy McEnery

RLT’s annual Cantey Awards night was held on Wednesday, June 30, in the Stephenson Amphitheatre. Instead of handing out individual performance awards like in years past, we invited volunteers, actors, directors, and more to share their unique experiences with each of the shows presented throughout our reimagined 2020-21 season. We celebrated the work of all the folks who joined us in creating theatre in new ways during an unprecedented year!

The event featured performances by John Langley and Aya Wallace, accompanied by Michael Santangelo.

Special congratulations goes to the winners of this year’s volunteer awards and youth initiative awards:

Haskell Fitz-Simons Distinguished Performer Award:

  • Brian Westbrook

Charles V. York Theatre Service Award:

  • Michael Dunavan

Glenn Amos Miller Technical Service Award:

  • Cailen Waddell

Ed Bodell Rookie of the Year Award:

  • Ariel Gray

Al D. Wolfheimer Volunteer Awards:

  • Morgan Harris
  • Todd Housekenecht
  • Russ & Heather Owen

Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award:

  • Elikya Mwanda

Youth Initiative Awards:

  • Camille Clark
  • Emily Freer

The only “outstanding performance” Cantey Award given out during the night was a surprise from the staff to RLT’s executive director Heather Strickland. The award was given as a token of the staff’s appreciation for her guidance throughout a difficult year. Heather joined the RLT team a few months into the pandemic, and we are forever grateful to her for helping us keep the theatre afloat without missing a beat.

View an album of photos from the event by Cindy McEnery!