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Auditions: My Wonderful Birthday Suit


Raleigh Little Theatre is seeking performers for its upcoming production of My Wonderful Birthday Suit by Gloria Bond Clunie. This show will be presented in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre.

For the safety of volunteers, staff, and students, all performers and crew members for the production of My Wonderful Birthday Suit must show proof of vaccination in order to participate. RLT remains committed to prioritizing the health and safety of everyone who is working inside our facility and our community. You will be required to show proof of vaccination at the auditions. Special exemptions can be made for anyone with a medical condition that prevents them from receiving the vaccine.

For this production, audiences will have the option to wear masks, but will not be required.

About the Show

Rainbows, moonbeams and a bit of birthday magic make for a super-fun party! But friendships are questioned when judgements and comments about skin color slip out. This spectacular story told with music, an awesome puppet named Bobo the bird and the wonder of a magical Thinking Tree will give everyone something to ponder. Each of us is “gift wrapped” in our own unique way but it’s what’s on the inside that truly makes us special. This powerful conversation-starter proves that you’re never too young (or too old) to be kind.

Important Dates

Audition Information Session: February 22 from 7-8pm (click here to watch the recording)
Auditions: March 6 and 7 at 7-10pm
Callbacks: March 8 at 7-10pm
Cast List: March 10 by 5pm
Rehearsals: March 27 – May 4, 2023, Mondays- Thursdays 7-10pm, Saturdays 1-5pm
Tech rehearsals: April 29 – May 4, 2023
Performances: May 5 – 21, 2023

Questions about auditions? Contact Heather Strickland: Heather@nullRaleighLittleTheatre.org

About the Roles

Raleigh Little Theatre encourages actors of any ethnicity, identity, ability, etc. to audition for any role. If the script requires strict adherence to any characteristic(s), those will be listed in the character description. For this production, performers must be 15+.

A note from the playwright: “As My Wonderful Birthday Suit gently confronts issues of race, skin color, and friendship, I hope this magical story sparks conversations that lead to a greater understanding, acceptance and celebration of how beautiful – how wonderful – we all are!”

If you need any specific accommodations to audition, please contact Executive/Interim Artistic Director, Heather Strickland, to make your request. Examples of accommodations made in the past are: wheelchair accessible audition space, large print materials, prompters in the audition room, volunteers to help fill out forms, and auditions by appointment.

Music is a part of the magic in this show. If you sing or play instruments, let us know! No formal singing experience is required for this audition. Musical moments will be shaped to suit those cast. Actors will also interact with the audience. Please let us know if you have any facilitation, youth work, teaching, or audience interaction experience.

The three friends Oobladee, Oobladah, and Shebopshebe must portray genuine youthful energy. Actors of all genders are welcome to audition for each role.

OOBLADEE (DEE) – Best friend of OOBLADAH and SHEBOPSHEBE, dwells in This Side of the Rainbow – DEE’s skin is lighter than SHE’s. This role may be played by an actor who identifies as white, light skinned, or racially ambiguous. 

OOBLADAH (DAH) –  Best friend of OOBLADEE, dwells in This Side of the Rainbow – DAH’s skin is lighter than SHE’s. This role may be played by an actor who identifies as white, light skinned, or racially ambiguous. 

SHEBOPSHEBE (SHE) (pronounced She-Bop-She-Be) – Best friend of OOBLADEE, born on The Other Side of Moonbeam and a new resident of This Side Of The Rainbow. SHE has brown skin and wears a purple dress. This role will be played by an actor who identifies as BIPOC. 

BOBO, an awesome bow-laying bird – The actor playing this role will likely operate a bird puppet, they may also make tree, rainbow, and magic happen. Bobo does not have spoken English lines, but they do respond and make sounds.

About the Production Team

Director: Amelia Lumpkin
Scenic Designer: TBD
Costume Designer: Betty Adorno
Sound Designer: John Maruca
Lighting Designer: Cory Arnold

About the Auditions

Audition sides will be provided. Please prepare to read an excerpt from the script.  

Side A – Bobo/Dee page 4 “Oh, Bobo! Good morning…happy is important”

Side B – Dee/Dah page 9-10 “Shebopshebe’s family sent them….I just want to see what’s inside”

Side C – Dee/Dah page 16-17 “she’s coming…Ahhh”

Side D – She/Dee (optional Dah) page 28-29 “Surprised…I rather like this skin we’re in”

To audition for the three friends roles, you may also prepare a one minute contemporary monologue. The preference would be for comedy and one in which the character delivering the monologue is a child. 

Sign up for an audition timeslot here!

Please fill out the conflict calendar and audition form below and bring them with you to your audition. If you are unable to print them, we will have copies available to you at the auditions:

Don’t forget to bring your proof of vaccination with you to the audition! This can be your original vaccination card, a picture of it on your phone, or you can show proof through a vaccine passport app.

Volunteer Access Fund

If you face financial barriers related to transportation to the theatre, please check out our Volunteer Access Fund pilot program!