Something terrible happened to Junie B. Jones at school today: someone stole her new furry mittens! So when Junie B. finds a wonderful pen of many colors, she should be allowed to keep it, because “finders keepers, losers weepers,” right? And Junie B. wonders if her magnificent new pen will help her win the affections of the handsomest new boy in kindergarten! That makes it okay to keep it, right? Junie B. Jones is not a crook… or is she? This hilarious and heartfelt tale follows everyone’s favorite almost-six-year-old as she learns valuable lessons of right and wrong and realizes the power of friendship.

Performed March 18 – 27, 2022.

By Allison Gregory
Based on the book series by Barbara Park

Directed by Kathleen Rudolph

View the photos by Jeannine Borzello.


Junie B. Jones: Claire Fellows
Grace/Pink Fluffy Girl: Coco Heinisch
Lucille: Miana White
Mrs.: Emily Langan
Mother/Parrot/Grouchy Typing Lady: Jaclyn Brown
Handsome Warren/Police: Connor Birkhead
Ricardo/Fireman: Drew Sarratt
Jim/Mitten Crook: David Mills
Lucille’s Grandpa/Principal/Grampa: Dan Bain