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Meet Ziggy, a shy boy who would rather stay at home and watch television than explore the island of Jamaica. Over the course of his onstage journey, with some help from his friend Nansi, he realizes that the real adventures can be found outside, amid the birds and jungles and beaches. Their worldly adventure is enlivened by the fantastic songs of renowned Reggae artist, Bob Marley.

Based on the story by Cedella Marley
Music & Lyrics by Bob Marley
Adapted for the stage by Michael J. Bobbitt
Additional Music & Lyrics by John L. Cornelius, II

March 8 – 24, 2019
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

Directed by Deb Royals-Mizerk

View the photos by Jeannine Borzello

Three Little Birds


Ziggy: Jireh Ijeoma
Nansi: Seanna Osborne
Duppy: Jajuan Cofield
Doctor Bird: Benaiah Barnes
Cedella/Great Aunt African Bird: India Williams
Tacooma: Joshua Johnson
Montego: Chanda Branch & Aya Wallace
Spanish Conquistador Bird: Verlene Oates
Sister Indian Bird: Salima Thomas
Great Grandfather Spanish Bird: Darius Hooks
Great Grandmother British Bird: Maria Barber
British Colonizer Bird: Noah Guilford
Cousin Chinese Bird: Hadley Ayers
Villagers: Alyssa Wise, Leah Guilford, Kyla Guilford, Rayne Hooks

Production Team

Director: Deb Royals-Mizerk
Music Director: Ronzel Bell
Assistant Music Director: Derrek Croney
Choreographers: Chanda Branch & Aya Wallace
Production Manager & Technical Director: Dennis R. Berfield
Assistant Technical Director: Alec Haklar
Costume Designer: Jeremy Clos
Lighting Designer: Ryann Norris
Scenic Designer: Jeannine Borzello
Sound Designer: John Maruca
Stage Manager: LaNeisha Farrar
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily James
Make-up Designer: Lachlan Watson


Keyboard: Ronzel Bell
Keyboard: Derrek Croney
Percussionist: Bobby Sherard
Auxiliary Percussionist/vocals: Henry Lovett


Thursday Crew: Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Clay Ferebee, Don Gillett, Gene Harshbarger, Joseph Heil, Don Miller, Russ Owen

Set Construction Crew: Ryan Gerney, Steve Gerney, Mari Santiago

Costume Shop Crew: Jenny Mitchell (manager), Ann Boivin (Master Craftsperson), Lachlan Watson (Make-Up Design), Mary Ali, Sam Andstuff, Betsy Bates, Marie Berry, Ruth Berry, Barbara Biggs, Lisa Flores-Wolfert, Janice Freeman, Ann Haigler, Linda Hames, Catherine Lambe, Barbara Leimgruber, Ariel Mahoney, Kathy Mauney, Bonita McPherren, Rebecca Nelsen, Dara Page, Jessica Pullen, Mallory Schultz, Debbie Sherrod, Jennifer Smith, Olga Taracheva, Danielle Welch, Linda Wellnitz

Dresser Crew: Marie Berry (Crew Chief), Kelsey Beal, Ayesha Holloman, Keisha Lovelace, Jessica Regehr, Danielle Welch, Zoe Wright

Sound Crew: Jay Butcher, Eric Krebs, Justin Stepney

Light Crew: Dustin Bowles, Barbara Corbin, Eric Krebs, Ben Perkins

Props Crew: Janaya Farrar, Jessica Golden, Elizabeth Heavey, Rebecca Samuell

House Managers: Judy M. Dove (Coordinator), Laurel Drobits, Morgan Harris, Freya Helmer-Sindemark, Claire Huene, Joel Schaer

Audition Crew: Marie Berry (Coordinator), Amy Blackwell, Judy Keyes, Heather Shinpaugh, Michael Teleoglou

Audio Describers: Emily Catherine Mealor, Jan Tu