Vienna is beset with brothels and loose morality, and it’s up to the Duke to provide some divine intervention. Shakespeare’s comedy centers around the fate of Claudio, who is arrested by Lord Angelo, the temporary leader of Vienna. Angelo lusts after Claudio’s sister, Isabella, an aspiring nun, and gives her an ultimatum: give up her chastity or her brother dies. Her decision ignites an exploration of agency, abuse of power, and the intersection of virtue and sin in one of Shakespeare’s great plays.

By William Shakespeare

January 11 – 27, 2019
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

Directed by Rebecca Blum

View the photos by Dennis Berfield



Duke Vincentio: Nathan E. Bradshaw
Angelo: Wade Newhouse
Elsebeth, Duke’s Secretary: Beth Somerville
Escalus: Niki Jacobsen
Provost: Jim O’Brien
Officer Varrius: Jon Morrison
Elbow: Laura J. Parker
Abhorson: Will Harris


Friar Peter: Keith A. Kenel
Francisca: Karen Morgan Williams
Bess: Claire Huene


Isabella: Rosemary Richards
Claudio: Christopher McBennett
Juliet: Rebecca Nelson
Mariana: Kylee Silvas
Mistress Overdone: Donna Rossi Youngblood
Froth: Ryan Renfrow
Barnardine: Christopher Blackwell
Lucio: Benjamin Tarlton
Crassus: George Russing
Kate Keepdown: Rebecca Ashley Jones
Isadore: Claire Huene


Pompey: Caroline Farmer
Kit: Graylyn Schieman
Thomas: David Morrison
Luggins: Ruffin Atchison
Jamy: Sofia Unger

Production Team

Director: Rebecca C. Blum
Assistant to the Director: Lucinda Danner Gainey
Dramaturg: Sara Thompson
Costume Designer: Kahei Shum McRae
Lighting Designer: Darby Madewell
Assistant Lighting Designer: Dustin Bowles
Scenic Designer: Elizabeth Newton
Sound Designer: John Maruca
Property Master: Ann Marie Crosmun
Intimacy Choreographer: Cara Rawlings
Fight/Movement Choreographer: Heather J. Strickland
Fight Captain: Benjamin Tarlton
Production Manager/Technical: Director Dennis R. Berfield
Assistant Technical Director: Alec Haklar
Stage Manager: Elaine Petrone
Assistant Stage Manager: Taylor Gantt
Assistant Stage Manager: Nora Kelly


Set Construction Crew: Alec Haklar (Shop Manager), Thursday Crew: Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Clay Ferebee, Don Gillett, Gene Harshbarger, Charles Hart, Don Miller, Russ Owen

Costume Shop Crew: Jenny Mitchell (Shop Manager), Jeremy Clos (Shop Manager), Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Janice Freeman, Ann Haigler, Linda Hames, Kathy Mauney, Laura Parker, Jessica Pullen, Mallory Schultz, Debbie Sherrod, Anastasia Sledgianowski, Danielle Storm, Olga Taracheva, Danielle Welch, Linda Wellnitz

Dresser Crew: Amy Blackwell (Crew Chief), Heather Carithers, Katie Huffman, Annie Purcell, Aliana Ramos, Danielle Welch

Deck & Props Crew: Chris Acevedo (Crew Chief), Ross Bradford, Jay Butcher, Dan Eckert

Sound & Light Crew: Joseph Heil (Crew Chief), Barbara Corbin, Kitty Duke, Madison Lahey, Anthony Monforti, Sydney Swain, Barbara Witherwax

House Managers: Morgan Harris (Coordinator), Judy M. Dove, Laurel Drobits, Howard Estes, Herb Estes, Greg Lytle, Melody Mah, Lilo Miles

Audition Crew: Marie Berry (Coordinator), Amy Blackwell, Catherine Lambe, Tony Landavazo

Audio Describers: Elizabeth Kahn, Emily Catherine Mealor