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By Matthew Lopez

The Whipping Man

January 13 – 29, 2017
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

Historical drama. The Civil War is over. Throughout the South, slaves are being freed and soldiers are returning home. In one home, the annual celebration of Passover is celebrated by a young Confederate officer, who has been severely wounded, and two former slaves. However, the pain of enslavement will not be soothed by this tradition. Deeply buried secrets from the past refuse to be hidden forever, as the play comes to its thrilling conclusion.

Photos by David Watts

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Production Team:

Production crew:

Costume Shop Crew: Jenny Mitchell (Shop Manager), Mary Ali, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Sheila Denn, Janice Freeman, Ann Haigler, Susan Kimmel, Bonita McPherren, Tana Shehan, Pam Swanstrom

Dresser Crew: Marie Berry (Coordinator), Karen-Leigh Allen, Chelsey Winstead, Ann Haigler

Deck Running Crew: Christopher Blackwell, Alex Gromo, Kellie Hines, Taylor Miles, AJ Williams

Light Hang & Focus Crew: Kaitlin Gill (Chief), Lorrie Guess, Alex Henson, Thomas Henson, Andy Parks, Alyssa Petrone, Elaine Petrone, Elizabeth Willett, Lindsey Young

Light Running Crew: Gillian Coats, Barbara Corbin, Gigi Lee, Erin Winters

Sound Crew: Barbara Witherwax (Chief), Patrick Kirley, Ory Owen

Set Construction Crew: Duncan Jenner (Chief), Sarah Bowman, Roina Cane, Jacob Fulcher, Sara Matthews, Lydia Watt;  Thursday Crew:  Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Don Gillett, Gene Harshbarger, Charles Hart, Don Miller, Jack Murray

Set Painting Crew: Miuyki Su (Chief), Sarah Bowman, Alan Farber, Lorrie Guess, Jen Leiner, Sara Matthews, Oliver Su, Aika Su, Barbara Witherwax

House Managers: Tucker Bullock (Coordinator), Judy M. Dove, Michael Dunavan, Nancy Goodyear, Andy Ingram, Kathy Lagana, Lilo Miles, Judi Wilkinson

Audition Crew: Marie Berry (Coordinator), Adrienne Dyson, Bunny Safron, Jack Safron