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From the book by Roald Dahl.

Dramatized by Richard R. George.

James and the Giant Peach 2017

April 21 – 30, 2017
Cantey V. Sutton Theatre

When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion, which results in a tremendous peach. The peach launches James on a journey of enormous proportions. He finds himself among human-sized insects with equally oversized personalities, and he embarks on a dangerous voyage. Thanks to James’ quick wit and creative thinking, the residents learn to live and work together as a family.

Photos by Elspeth McClanahan and David Watts

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Narrator: David Snee
Aunt Sponge: Denise Penven-Crew
Aunt Spiker: Laura Levine
James Trotter: Michael McKenna
Grasshopper: Jonathan King
Centipede: Matthew Hurley
Spider: Caroline Farmer
Ladybug: Rebecca Leonard
Earthworm: Chris Brown
Glowworm: Grace Kelly
Crowd Member/Cloud Man/New Yorker: Molly Anglum
Father/Crowd Member/Cloud Man/Chief of Police: Dan Bain
Mother/Crowd Member/Mayor: Michelle Corbitt
Crowd Member/Cloud Man/Reporter: Madeline Epstein-Nelson
Crowd Member/Second Officer/Child #2: Sam Rutherford
Crowd Member/Captain/Head of Fire Department: David Thomas
Crowd Member/First Officer/Child #1: Miana White
Little Old Man/Cloud Man: Noah Zimmermann

Production Team:

Director: Kathleen Rudolph
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Thomas Mauney
Costume Designer: Jenny Mitchell
Video/Animation Designers: Rod & Nancy Rich
Sound Designer: Brandon Scopel
Makeup Designer: Lachlan Watson
Instrumentalists: Justin Ellis & Nick Johnson
Technical Director: Duncan Jenner
Production Manager: Todd Aberts
Stage Manager: David Watts
Assistant Stage Manager: Gerrie Kouri
Assistant to the ASM: Zoe Watts
Production Assistant: Mary Fields

Production Crew:

Costume Shop Crew: Vicki Olson (Manager), Ann Boivin (Crafts), Nancy Albino, Mari Ali, Angela Balazich, Linda Balazich, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Mimi Carter, Sheila Denn, Janice Freeman, Rebecca Graves, Ann Haigler, Jacqueline Kelly, Barbara Leimgruber, Bonita McPherren, Steve Shay, Ann Smith, Catherine Sprankle, Pam Swanstrom, Martha Webb

Set Construction Crew: Thursday Crew:  Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Don Gillett, Gene Harshbarge, Charles Hart, Sara Matthews, Don Miller, Jack Murray, Russ Owen; Jenny Anglum, Austin Blondell, Sarah Bowman, Brandon Bradshaw, Rich Crooke, Jen Leiner, Mark McKenna, Caitlin Power, Caitlin Roming-Koch, Gavin Roming-Koch, Mark Rudolph, Steve Shay, Bernardo Vela, Dani White, Barbara Witherwax, Mike Zimmerman

Sound & Light Crew: Christopher Blackwell, Alex Henson, Eric Krebs, Michael Phillips, Freyja Helmer-Sindemark, Zoe Watts

Deck Crew: Brian Fisher, Caitlin Power, Barbara Witherwax

Makeup Crew: Ruth Berry, Hannah Wolfert

House Managers: Tara Smith (coordinator), Chris Acevedo, Judy M. Dove, Michael Dunavan, Andy Ingram, Kathy Lagana, Sheila Marsh