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Book & lyrics by Arnold Wengrow.
Music by Nicky Rea & Jackie Cassada.
Based on the story by Carlo Collodi.

Cantey V. Sutton Theatre
April 18 – May 4, 2014

A lively musical version of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale about a willful little wooden marionette who runs away from the carpenter, Gepetto, and straight into one fantastic adventure after another. On his journey, Pinocchio joins a troupe of commedia-style marionettes, loses his gold coin to a cunning fox and cat, meets the Magical Blue Fairy, and makes a thrilling escape from the Land of Ease, where lazy boys turn into donkeys. With lessons learned, Pinocchio returns to the arms of his father and the realization that he has become a real boy.

View the photos by David Watts.

Pinocchio 2014

In order of appearance

Production staff


Audition Crew: Marie Berry, Tamara Hopson, Liz Kodadek, Gloria Rich, David Watts

Costume Shop Crew: Vicki Olson (chief), Mary Ali, Marty Bell, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Ann Haigler, Catherine Lambe, Bonita McPherren, Dara Page, Nash Page, Tana Shehan, Debbie Sherrod, Cathy Sprankle, Jean Wilkinson, Judy Wray

Deck Crew: Jeremy Diamond (chief), Patrick Brockington, Alexandria Dublin, Desiree Greco, Paula Halpern, Myles Strickland

Dresser Crew: Helen C. Hill (chief), Hannah Wolfort

Light Crew: Nicholas Fry (chief), Spencer Kodadeck, Toni Negrelli

Sound Crew: Elliot Melfi (chief), Barbara Corbin, Abbey Mosley

Set Construction Crew: Kristen Bagley, Ward Bowen, Patrick Brockington, Noel Butzke, Zoe Chunn, Laura Clark, Dave Davis, Jeremy Diamond, Paula Halpern, Don Hamilton, Spencer Kodadek, Toni Negrelli, Carley Nelson, Russ Owen, John Scott, Jay Sprankle, Tommy Tallis, Dave Wray

House Managers: Tucker Bullock, Shelley Crisp, Sheila Marsh, Susan Mygatt, Liz Kodadek, Judi Wilkinson