By Barbara Robinson

See photos from the show.

November 2 – 18, 2012
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

A holiday classic. The Herdmans are the worst kids in the history of the world. They lie, cheat and love to give clonks on the head. Even worse, this year they are performing in the annual Christmas pageant. Everyone is convinced that it will be a disaster. At best, it will be unusual. But no one is prepared for it being the best one ever.

View the photos by David Watts.


Beth Bradley: Cee Cee Huffman
Bob Bradley: Barney Weaver
Grace Bradley: Jenny Anglum
Charlie Bradley: David Snee
Ralph Herdman: Connor Gerney
Imogene Herdman: Lauren Toney
Leroy Herdman: Langdon Ogburn
Claude Herdman: Dason Fuller
Ollie Herdman: Evan Tylka
Gladys Herdman: Marleigh Purgar-McDonald
Alice Wendleken: Shannon Lyons
Maxine: Maddy Kunkel
Elmer Hopkins: Bevan Therien
Mrs. Armstrong: Kelly Watson
Mrs. McCarthy: Becca Easley
Mrs. Slocum: Nikki Kunkel
Reverend Hopkins: David Watts
Fireman: Jorge Santos


Hobie: Parker Perry
David: Graham Gall
Michael: Hunter Chambers
Terry: Chaz Strickland


Beverly: Riley Watson
Naomi: Hannah Kodadek
Doris: Pippa Dunne
Janet: Molly Anglum
Roberta: Hannah Hoskins
Maria: Lauren Taylor-Carrillo
Lizzie: Zoe Watts


Juanita: Charlotte Chiavetta
Shirley: Chloe Mackenzie Guerrero
Rita: Bella Strickland

Production Staff

Director: Linda O’Day Young
Music Director: Yvonne Koch
Scenic/Lighting Designer: Thomas Mauney
Costume Designer: Jenny Mitchell
Technical Director: Todd Aberts
Sound Designer: Becca Easley
Sound Engineer: John Maruca
Stage Manager: Karyn Aberts
Assistant Stage Manager: Rita Styron
Production Assistant: Kinsey Watson
Audition Coordinator: Marie Berry
House Manager Coordinator: Elizabeth Kodadek
Usher Coordinator: Kathleen Rudolph