Based on the story by The Grimm Brothers
Adapted by Max Bush

Cantey V. Sutton Theatre
March 1 – 10, 2013

Folk tale. Based on the original oral story, this version of the well-loved classic contains many of the familiar elements, but differs from the Grimms’ later versions. The Queen adores her daughter, but Snow White’s coming of age pushes the two apart. As punishment for Snow White’s curiosity, the Queen abandons her daughter in the woods. Here,Snow White meets seven industrious dwarves and a young Prince. A surprise ending to this tale reveals what happens after the disguised Queen tricks her daughter into eating the famous poisoned apple.

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Narrator: Heather Therien
Narrator’s Daughter: Hannah Kodadek
Queen: Paige Harper
Greta (Queen’s Chambermaid): Laura Griffin
Mirror: Barney Ray Weaver
Young Snow White: Elizabeth Reynolds
Guard: Jody Mitchell
King: Aaron Young
First Dwarf: Marleigh Purgar-McDonald
Second Dwarf: Riley Watson
Third Dwarf: McCauley Matthews
Fourth Dwarf: Lilly Overton
Fifth Dwarf: Arel Marsh
Sixth Dwarf: Katie Heath
Seventh Dwarf: Millie Lynch
Snow White: Elizabeth Kline
Prince Roland: Bevan Therien
Frederick (Prince’s Tutor): Christian Phipps

Production Staff

Director: Linda O’Day Young
Fight Choreographer: David McClutchey
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Thomas Mauney
Costume Designer: Jenny Mitchell
Sound & Special Effects Designer: John Maruca
Technical Director: Todd Aberts
Stage Manager: Daniel Eckert
Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer O’Connor
Production Assistant: Kinsey Watson