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The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

April 13 – 29, 2012

Arthur Miller’s searing parable of intolerance, vengeance, moral courage and mass hysteria, The Crucible, is destined to resonate for centuries to come. Set during the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600s and using the names of actual participants, The Crucible is universally seen as an allegory of the McCarthy era and the demand to “name names” during the anti-Communist witch hunts of the 1950s. But the moral of the story is far more universal. There are moments in the play that hit today’s audience with the force of a breaking news bulletin. Barely 50 years after it was written, Miller’s play has assumed the stature of a much older masterpiece. “Its wisdom seems ancient, its scope Shakespearean.”

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Production staff

Production crews

Audition Crew: Marie Berry,Tamara Hobson, Catherine Lambe, Alyssa Petrone & Gloria Rich

Costume Dressing Crew: Laura Griffin (Crew Chief), Marie Berry, Kristin Cooper & Judi Lloyd

Costume Shop Crew: Mary Ali, Susan Baker, Laura Bailey, Mardy Bell, Marie Berry, Barbara Biggs, Kimberly Clark, Delora Creech, Becca Easley, J. Scott Enroughty, Laura Griffin, Ann Haigler, Susan Kimmel, Ekaterina Korobkina, Catherine Lambe, Theresa Lauer, Nicole Long, Irma MacGregor, Lisa Nibling, Wayne Olson, Nancy Pennington, Danielle Preston, Tana Shehan, Debbie Sherrod, Denise Sepic, Julie Tomlin, Jean Wilkinson, Judy Wray & Scott Wray

Deck/Props Crew: Dan Eckert (Crew Chief), Becca Easley, Mary Hopkins & Colleen Sharp

House Managers: Tucker Bullock, Dan Eckert, Lynn Freeman, Lilo Miles & Judi Wilkinson

Light Crew: Jennifer O’Connor (Crew Chief), Barbara Corbin, Karen Spencer & Scott Wray

Public Relation Crew: Kimberly Clarke, Catherine Lambe, Carolyn Le Rue, Bunny Safron, Stuart Wagner, David Watts & Judi Wilkinson

Sound Crew: Todd Housekneckt (Crew Chief), Diana McQueen & Joe Wolozin

Set Construction Crew: Brianna Anderson, Bob Baird, Ben Berry, Ward Bowen, Chris Brown, Noel Butzke,Vivi Castellanos, Dave Davis,Dan Eckert, Kirsten Ehlert, Erin Engelhard, J. Scott Enroughty, Sarah Evans, Sally Feng,Michael Gorman, Laura Griffin, Brian Harvell,Megan Hawver, Brian Hollingsworth, Todd Houseknecht, Matthew Hurley, Randy Jordan, Bill Kochuk, Timothy E. Locklear, David Langmeyer, Randy Lawrence, John Maruca, Jeff Miles, Diane Monson, Todd Olsen, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, RussOwen, Alyssa Petrone,David Petrone, Elaine Petrone,Matthew Plaia, Jackson Prather, Bruce Regittko, Katie Regittko, Grace Regittko, Amanda Rowland, LaurenToney & Dave Wray

Wig Crew: Shameya M. Jeffery