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Merry Christmas, Strega Nona

Story by Tomie dePaola
Adapted for the stage by Thomas Olson

Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre
November 4 – 20, 2011

Long ago, near a little town in Calabria, Italy lived an old witch called Strega Nona “Grandma Witch.” She knew magic and loved to use it to help people. Big Anthony, Strega Nona’s helper, didn’t like to work, never paid attention and almost always got into trouble. Every Christmas Eve, Strega Nona made a big feast for all the people of Calabria with no magic at all because she says, “No magic at Christmastime. Christmas has a magic all its own.” After Big Anthony nearly ruined Christmas by another one of his goofs, it seemed like nothing but a miracle could save Strega Nona’s feast. But Christmas is a time for miracles…and wonderful surprises too.

View the photos by David Watts.


Production staff

Production crews

Audition Crew: Marie Berry, Gloria Rich, Catherine Lambe, Susan Mygatt, Alyssa Petrone, David Watts & Zoe Watts

Costume Shop Crew: Mary Ali, Marie Berry, Barbara Biggs, Ann Haigler, Courtney Lyne Johnson, Courtney Jones, Susan Kimmel, Catherine Lambe, Vicki Olson, Debbie Sherrod, Tana Shehan, Carol Schroeder, Jean Wilkinson & Judy Wray

Running Crew: Mary Hopkins (Crew Chief ) & Ellis Perry

House Managers: Dan Eckert, Lynn Freeman, Tamara Hopson, Liz Kodadek, Susan Mygatt, Liisa Trent & Judi Wilkinson

Light Crew: Alan Osuna (Crew Chief ), Alyssa Petrone, Maggie & Karen Spencer

Light Hang/Focus: Mia Carson, Michael Gorman, Joseph Heil, Todd Houseknecht & Elaine Petrone

Public Relation Crew: Patsy Clarke, Catherine Lambe, Carolyn Le Rue, Stuart Wagner, David Watts & Judi Wilkinson

Set Construction Crew: Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Michael Gorman, Joseph Heil, Todd Houseknecht, Bill Kochuk, David Langmeyer, Russ Owen, Elaine Petrone & Dave Wray

Sound Crew: Todd Houseknecht (Crew Chief ), Barbara Corbin, Alec Kunkel & John Maruca