The following awards were presented at the Cantey Awards Night:

Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award:

The Youth Achievement Award is presented to students who demonstrate a well-rounded commitment to Theatre, to Raleigh Little Theatre, to their school and to their community. You may recall that last year this award was officially renamed the Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award to honor Linda’s impact on the RLT education program and her fierce commitment to and advocacy for youth and teens.

Youth Initiative Award:

The Youth Initiative Award is a special award given to RLT Teaching Assistants in recognition of their dedication to the art of teaching theatre. This year, we are so excited to present this award to three outstanding teaching assistants.

Youth Achievement Award – Noah Zimmermann

Presented by Kathleen Rudolph.

This year’s recipient of the Linda O’Day Young Youth Achievement Award is Noah Zimmermann. Noah has been a consistent presence at RLT the last couple of years. He has been a part of the following shows, either on stage or behind the scenes: James and the Giant Peach, Beanstalk! The Musical!, Alice @ Wonderland, Sister Act, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Junie B. Jones, The Musical and Baskerville. In his free time, Noah is an amazing teaching assistant, willing to do anything to help make the class successful! He’s a great asset to the youth program.

Hannah Kodadek – Youth Initiative Award

Presented by Kathleen Rudolph.

Hannah has been a TA for classes in Apex for many years. When I asked her what she liked about being a TA, she said “ I am learning a lot about how to teach efficiently and how to manage a classroom setting. To be a better leader and engage more on a personal level with students.” She is caring and kind and the students gravitate toward her fun personality.

Malak Dridi – Youth Initiative Award

Presented by Meredyth Pederson Cooper.

Malak also assisted Creative Drama classes and one of the teaching artists she worked with said, “her easy-going way and enthusiastic imagination made the class fun from the start. She was eager to demonstrate activities and always spoke with a comforting tone to those would come down with performance anxiety. Her kind demeanor was refreshing and appreciated.”

Sophie Dubois – Youth Initiative Award

Presented by Meredyth Pederson Cooper.

Sophie regularly was the TA for the Creative Drama class with 1st and 2nd graders. The teaching artists she assisted call her, “Kind, inclusive, open and honest. Sophie is a great sharer and carer in addition to taking on all of the TA responsibilities. No wonder the kids love her!”