Join Raleigh Little Theatre for Summer Camp 2024!

In all of our camp offerings, we facilitate creative experiences for youth to connect with one another, express themselves and stretch their imaginations. RLT summer camps engage students as actors, playwrights and designers in developmentally appropriate ways.

Registration opens February 1!

In this summer’s one and two week camps, youth will explore, create, and collaborate all through the wonderful lens of theatre. Our teaching artists foster a supportive environment and bring their individual perspectives to encourage students in making new stories to share with each other and an audience.

Summer Camp 2024

Registration opens on Thursday, February 1 click here to visit our registration website!

Grades listed reflect students’ grades in Fall 2024.

Camp hours are 9am-4pm unless otherwise noted. 

Camp Schedule Preview*

June 17 – 28 (2 weeks)

no camp on June 19

Kids on Stage: Exploring Folktales, Fables, and Fairytales (Grades 1-3)
Students will be building a performance using their bodies, voices, and imaginations through various folktales, fables, and fairytales. They will use acting skills, ensemble building, prop building, and collaboration to learn how to tell a story.

Tweens on Stage: In the Scenes and Behind the Scenes (Grades 4-6)
Students will put on a one-act play, with focus on both onstage and behind the scenes play development. Students will act in the show, as well as make props, choose their costumes, and engage with both the performance and technical elements of theatre.

Tweens on Stage: Onstage and Backstage (Grades 4-6)
Students will put on a one-act play, with focus on both onstage and behind the scenes play development. Students will act in the show, as well as make props, choose their costumes, and engage with both the performance and technical elements of theatre.

Junior Players on Stage: Producing a Play (Grades 7-9)
Students will produce, act in, design, and build a one-act play. This is our oldest group of campers and is intended to help students build their skills as theatre practitioners. They will use the actor’s tools of voice and body, as well as their own creativity and collaboration to put on a play. 

July 8 – 12 (1 week)

Playtime (AM & PM): Puppetry, Props, and Play, Oh My! (Age: 4 – Kindergarten)
Students will design their own puppets and props to tell stories and create characters. Students engage the actor’s tools of body, voice and imagination, as well as building their skills of the technical elements of theatre to create props and puppets. Please note: pre-K students must turn 4 years old prior to the start of class.

July 15 – 19 (1 week)

Playtime (AM & PM): Imagination Station (Age: 4 – Kindergarten)
Students step into the story as they become the characters from picture books related to the theme of imagination. Students engage the actor’s tools of body, voice and imagination to become different characters and act out stories together. Please note: pre-K students must turn 4 years old prior to the start of class.

July 22 – 26 (1 week)

Playtime (AM & PM): Creative Play (Age: 4 – Kindergarten)
Students will work on their storytelling and ensemble building skills to create plots and characters. They will engage with various storybooks as well as come up with their own ideas for stories, and work with their peers to play with creativity and imagination. Please note: pre-K students must turn 4 years old prior to the start of class.

July 29 – August 9 (2 weeks)

Kids on Stage: Adventures on Earth and Beyond! (Grades 1-3)
Students will engage with stories about adventures, both on Earth and ones in outer space and in other worlds! The theme of this camp is imagination and adventure, and where students will go in the stories and what worlds they will create in their own collaboration! The goal of this camp is to have fun engaging with different stories as a group.

Kids on Stage: Putting a Script on its Feet (Grades 1-3)
Students will use a one-act script to put a short play on their feet as performers. Students will also make props and learn how to act and present themselves on stage. At the end of the camp, they will perform the short play, and show what they’ve learned in terms of acting and being a part of an ensemble.

Tweens on Stage: Making a Show Beginning to End (Grades 4-6)
Students will start from playwriting to the design process, all the way through the performance stage of a one-act play, learning how the process of putting on a show works. From all of the different creative approaches and collaboration, students will learn how to put on a show beginning to end.

Junior Players on Stage: (Re)Devising Shakespeare – Not the One You’re Used To (Grades 7-9)
Students will use playmaking strategies to engage with classic Shakespeare works to devise their own one act play. As an ensemble, students will be the authors of their own versions of Shakespeare plays, from comedy to melodrama, such as Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet. Students will be the playwrights, actors, and designers in creating their script and putting it on stage.

August 12 – 23 (2 weeks)

Kids on Stage: Collaboration and Creativity (Grades 1-3)
Students will work together to come up with stories and worlds to explore! Students will build props, work together to act out scenes as an ensemble, and play games based in drama-based pedagogy, encouraging students to be creative and share ideas!

Kids on Stage: Return to Adventureland! (Grades 1-3)
Students will work with a short script about going on adventures and being explorers and heroes. They will be the actors, build props, design costumes, and develop their teamwork skills as an ensemble.

Tweens on Stage: Friendship in Our Stories (Grades 4-6)
Students will collaborate with each other to build a script, act in the script, design the props and costumes, and define what friendship means to them. Students will come up with ideas and be the authors of their own script and story. Students will use their imaginations and creativity to express themselves through theatre.

Tweens on Stage: Performing through Voice and Movement (Grades 4-6)
Students will work on their acting and vocal skills, as well as movement and non-verbal acting. Students will engage with how to express various emotions, both in comedy and drama. Resulting in performing a short one-act play, students will develop their actor’s skills through both voice and movement techniques.

Teens on Stage/Teens Backstage: July 1 – August 4

no class on July 4

Save the dates for our annual Teens on Stage/Teens Backstage summer program for students ages 14-18. This year’s show announcement is coming very soon!

*Schedule is subject to change.

What to Expect This Summer

Summer Holidays
RLT is closed on June 19th in observance of the Juneteenth holiday and also on July 4th for Independence Day. Camps will run only 4 days during those weeks.

Summer Camp Capacity
The maximum number of students in each camp for 2024 will be:

Registration closes for a camp when the camp is at capacity or one week prior to the camp start date.

Extended care is available Mon-Fri 8-8:45am and Mon-Thu until 5:30pm for an additional fee. This option is available to add when you register for camp. There is no extended care on Friday afternoons due to the camp sharing schedule.

Scholarships are available if cost is a barrier to participation for you or someone you know. Please click here to access our quick youth scholarship form. Please submit the scholarship form before you register. RLT holds several spots for scholarship recipients for each camp we offer.

Payment plans are available for summer camp. A $50 deposit is required upon registration to reserve your spot and then the payment plan is automatically set up through our registration system. This deposit is nonrefundable. 

Registration cancellation and refund policy: the $50 deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel your registration at any point. If you cancel more than 2 weeks from the start date of camp, you would receive a refund of anything paid outside of the $50 deposit and registration system fee. If you cancel within 2 weeks from the start of camp, then a credit for your payment amount would be issued. This credit is valid through June 30, 2025.

Accessibility and inclusion: Raleigh Little Theatre welcomes students of all disabilities and abilities in our education programs. Please note on your registration form any accommodations your student may need. Before camp, RLT education staff will reach out to you directly to learn more about your student’s needs, interests and how to best support their learning. Please note that physical access to some of our camp and class spaces require use of stairs. Please contact us at Education@nullRaleighLittleTheatre.org before registering with any questions or concerns regarding physical access of camp spaces, so we can ensure your student will have an accessible camp space. 

Summer camps will take place primarily indoors. Our outdoor spaces will be used for snacks and lunch breaks throughout the camp day. All camps will operate at Raleigh Little Theatre, located at 301 Pogue Street.

End of Camp Sharings: One of the most gratifying parts of our programs is when students get to share their work with an audience. Camp sharings take place at the end of the camp day, between the hours of 3 and 5pm at the end of each session, so be sure to save the date! 

Teens on Stage / Teens Backstage
Our Teens on Stage / Teens Backstage summer intensive program will present a classical theatre piece in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre. The title will be announced soon!

Our Teaching Artists
Click here to learn more about some of the teachers for RLT’s camps and classes.

As always, feel free to contact us at Education@nullRaleighLittleTheatre.org with any questions about choosing a camp or what to expect.