Raleigh Little Theatre residencies consist of at least three in-class sessions. Scheduled at your classroom’s convenience, RLT’s professional teaching artists come to you. Activate content across the curriculum with drama and theatre experiences that engage students in their own learning.

We offer residencies tailored for Elementary School students and Middle School students.

Elementary Residency Experiences

Literacy Through Drama

Grades: K-3
Number of sessions: 3
Cost: $750 for 3 classrooms, $1010 for 4 classrooms, $1200 for 5 classrooms, $1400 for 6 classrooms

This three day residency uses theatre exercises to promote excitement about reading and improve literacy skills. Using theatre strategies helps to increase comprehension, enjoyment and confidence in emerging readers. Participants will be able to identify elements of a story (plot, setting, characters, problem, resolution.) More importantly by becoming the characters in the book and reenacting scenes, students gain a better understanding of the book and feel a more personal connection with it. They, the reader, become a very important part of the process. Book used will be chosen according to grade level.

NC Essential Standards:  
English Language Arts Anchors 2, 3, 6, 7
Theatre Arts C.1.1, C.1.2, C.2.2, A.1.1

Note: Funding is available for this residency through the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County Artists in Schools Program.

“Arts integration provides so many opportunities for students to work through their learning in unique ways. I love seeing the confidence it brings and the connections integration allows them to make. Many of the ELA standards explored this week were ones many students have struggled with this year. I really feel like it helped strengthen their understanding significantly.” – 3rd grade teacher in Wake County Public Schools


Middle School Residency Experiences

Science Through the Arts

Grades: 6-8
Number of sessions: 3
Cost: $300/classroom or $1000 for 4 classrooms

On day one of this residency, students participate in drama-based activities that teach and reinforce important science vocabulary words while also engaging the actor’s tools of body, voice, imagination and ensemble. On day two students apply character-related activities to science concepts to bring them to life and deepen understanding. On day three, students apply their detailed knowledge to performance by creating and sharing brief performances with the class. Teachers can choose from two content areas: Phases and Characteristics of Matter or Food Webs and Ecosystems.

NC Essential Standards:
Science 6.P.2

Note: Funding is available for this residency through the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County Artists in Schools Program.


Book A Residency

To book a residency in your classroom, please contact:

Meredyth Pederson Cooper
Director of Education
919-821-4579 x245