Cantey Venable Sutton Joins the Raleigh Hall of Fame


Cantey Venable Sutton was an artist, author, philanthropist, performer, and volunteer whose accomplishments have endured for nearly a century. Her most notable and durable contribution to Raleigh stands at the corner of Pogue and Everett Streets: The Raleigh Little Theatre, Amphitheatre, and Rose Garden. After serving on the committee that incorporated Raleigh Little Theatre in 1936, Cantey Sutton joined the board in 1939 as Building Chairman. After successfully leading the effort to establish a permanent home, she later created the Raleigh Rose Garden, which was dedicated in 1951. The Theatre’s annual awards ceremony, which recognizes outstanding performers, was renamed after her in 1976 and she served on the Board of Directors until 1978, five years before she passed away at age 96.

Cantey V. Sutton

On Sunday, November 4th, Cantey Venable Sutton was inducted in to the Raleigh Hall of Fame, which recognizes individuals and non-profit organizations, past and present, who have made significant and lasting contributions to the City of Raleigh. She was nominated for this honor by Georgia Donaldson, President of the Board of RLT. For the induction ceremony, RLT staff and board were joined by over a dozen of Cantey’s descendants who came from as far away as Florida and Louisiana.

Watch a video interview with Charles Phaneuf, RLT’s Executive Director about Cantey Sutton’s accomplishments and read more about her and the other inductees on the Raleigh Hall of Fame’s website.