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Auditions: Hands on a Hardbody


Raleigh Little Theatre is seeking performers for its upcoming production of Hands on a Hardbody, which features a book by Doug Wright, lyrics by Amanda Green, and music by Phish’s Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green. This show will be presented in the Sutton Theatre.

For the safety of volunteers, staff, and students, all performers and crew members for the production of Hands on a Hardbody must show proof of vaccination against Covid in order to participate. RLT remains committed to prioritizing the health and safety of everyone who is working inside our facility and our community. You will be required to show proof of vaccination at the auditions. Special exemptions can be made for anyone with a medical condition that prevents them from receiving the vaccine.

For this production, audiences will have the option to wear masks but will not be required.

About the Show

For 10 hard-luck Texans, a new lease on life is so close they can touch it. Under a scorching sun for days on end, armed with nothing but hope, humor and ambition, they’ll fight to keep at least one hand on a brand-new truck in order to win it. In the hilarious, hard-fought contest that is Hands on a Hardbody, only one winner can drive away with the American Dream. This roots-rock musical is inspired by the true events of the acclaimed 1997 documentary of the same name by S.R. Bindler, produced by Kevin Morris and Bindler.

Important Dates

Audition Information Session: March 21 from 7-8pm – Click here to join!
This information session will include an overview of the audition process, forms, and guidance on how to prepare. This is a great session to attend if you have never auditioned for a show before, never volunteered at RLT, or if you would like to hear more from the director about the process and show. Attendance in the information session is not required to audition.

Auditions: March 27 and 28* at 7-10pm
*Child care will be provided on site at RLT by Seed Art Share at auditions on Tuesday, March 28. Click here to register!

Callbacks: March 29 at 7-10pm

Cast list: March 31 by 5pm

Rehearsals: Mondays – Thursdays 7-10pm, Saturdays 1-5pm
April 3 through May 25, 2023

Tech rehearsals: May 27 – June 1, 2023

Performances: June 2 – June 18, 2023

Questions about auditions? Contact Heather Strickland: Heather@nullRaleighLittleTheatre.org

About the Roles

Raleigh Little Theatre encourages actors of any ethnicity, identity, ability, etc. to audition for any role. If the script requires strict adherence to any characteristic(s), those will be listed in the character description. For this production, performers must be 15+.

If you need any specific accommodations to audition, please contact Executive/Interim Artistic Director, Heather Strickland, to make your request. Examples of accommodations made in the past are: wheelchair accessible audition space, large print materials, prompters in the audition room, volunteers to help fill out forms, and auditions by appointment. If you cannot attend the audition, you may submit a video audition to Heather by March 27.

JD DREW: 50+, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Baritone, G2-D4.
A “good old boy” with pomaded gray hair and a high-wattage grin. Out of work for a while now, he feels like a failure. He needs to win to feel like his life is still worthwhile.

BENNY PERKINS: 40+, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Tenor, C#3-G#4.
Charming, ingratiating grin and lots of homespun philosophy. He’s confident because he won last year, but he is hiding his troubles.

GREG WILHOTE: 20s, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Tenor, D3-B4.
A kid in a baseball cap. His big dream is to go to Hollywood and be a stuntman.

JESUS PENA: 20s, male presenting, Hispanic. Range: Tenor, E3-B4.
A driven kid, who has won a scholarship to go to veterinarian school. Everyone underestimates him.

CHRIS ALVARO: 20s, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Tenor, Ab2-Ab4.
Chris is a mystery. He wears a hoodie, and a pair of aviator glasses to conceal his eyes.

RONALD MCCOWAN: 30s – 40s, male presenting, Black. Range: Tenor, F3-B4.
A good-natured man with a slight Louisiana accent. He is a ladies’ man.

MIKE FERRIS: 30s – 40s, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Tenor, Eb3-Bb4.
A car salesman. Boyishly handsome wears a cheap tie with a Nascar clip. Ambitious.

DON CURTIS: 50+, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Baritone, A2-Bb3.
Wears a cardboard sign on his head that proclaims “I LOVE YOU JANIS, GO BABY GO!”

FRANK NUGENT: 40+, male presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Bari-Tenor, Eb3-Gb4.
Disc Jockey, a diehard good ole boy dressed in a Stetson.

KELLI MANGRUM: 20s, female presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Mezzo-Soprano, A3-E5.
A pretty girl with steel ambition.

CINDY BARNES: any age, female presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible.
A car saleswoman and former Miss Gregg County, still fond of pageant hair and pastels.

JANIS CURTIS: 60s, female presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Low Mezzo, D3-Bb4.
A tough old bird with sun-burnished skin and missing teeth.

HEATHER STOVALL: 30s – 40s, female presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Mezzo-Soprano, A3-D#5.
A flirtatious restaurant hostess.

VIRGINIA DREW: 50s, female presenting, any ethnicity. Range: Mezzo-Soprano, G3-C5.
A one-time beauty settling into middle age, feels like JD is losing interest in her.

NORMA VALVERDE: 40s – 50s, female presenting, Hispanic. Range: Low Mezzo, D3-G5.
Has warmth, faith, and a prayer circle to keep her going. 

DOCTOR STOKES: Any age, any gender presentation, any ethnicity. Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible.
A professor from LeTourneau University.

About the Production Team

Director/Choreographer: Brian Westbrook
Music Director: Micheal Santangelo
Stage Manager: Cynita Lew
Scenic Designers: Shannon Clark and Hope Hammond
Costume Designer: Jenny Mitchell
Sound Designer: Todd Houseknecht

About the Auditions

Click here to sign up for an audition slot!

Please prepare 16 to 32 bars of a song in the style of or from the show. All those auditioning should bring sheet music in the correct key – an accompanist will be provided. 

Please fill out the following paperwork to bring with you to the auditions:

Don’t forget to bring your proof of vaccination with you to the audition! This can be your original vaccination card, a picture of it on your phone, or you can show proof through a vaccine passport app.

Child care will be provided on site at RLT by Seed Art Share at auditions on Tuesday, March 28. Click here to register!

Volunteer Access Fund

If you face financial barriers related to transportation to the theatre, please check out our Volunteer Access Fund pilot program!