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Auditions: Alice @ Wonderland


Raleigh Little Theatre will be holding auditions for Alice @ Wonderland on Monday, February 19 and Tuesday, February 20 with callbacks on February 21. Chasta Hamilton will direct the production.

Important Dates

Auditions: Monday, February 19 and Tuesday, February 20 at 7pm in the Sutton Theatre. Registration will begin at 6:30pm in the Sutton Lobby. Please sign up for an audition slot on our SignupGenius page.

Callbacks: Wednesday, February 21 at 7pm in the Sutton Theatre

First Cast Meeting & Measurements: Tuesday, February 27 at 6:30pm in the Sutton Theatre

Rehearsals Begin: Monday, March 5

No Conflicts After: March 26 (based on rehearsal calendar)

Preview: Thursday, April 12

Opening: Friday, April 13 at 7:30pm

Performances: April 13-22 (Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm and 5pm); April 18 (2 school shows at 10:00am and 12:00pm) April 28 (Sensory-Friendly Performance at 1:00pm). There is a possible extension until April 29.

Strike: All actors are expected to participate in strike. Strike will either be on April 28 after the Sensory Friendly Production or on April 29 if there are holdover performances.

About the Show

The folly of the 21st century collides with the madness of Wonderland in this new adaptation that remains fairly faithful to Lewis Carroll’s original tale. Alice is a texting, tweeting, and googling girl of the modern digital era, but she finds herself in the Wonderland of old.

With all of the characters that you know and love, including the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts, this musical imagines a present-day Alice encountering the Wonderland that so many of us treasure. Meanwhile, the younger generation will appreciate and relate to the many references of the digital age.

About the Roles*

* Note: Some roles might be double cast.

Alice: The Sassy, modern protagonist of the story. She’s overly invested in her technology and the characters of Wonderland lead her on a journey of realization. Alice believes her perception of the world is orderly and stable, and she has an insatiable curiosity about her surroundings. Wonderland challenges and frustrates her perceptions of the world.

White Rabbit: The frantic, harried Wonderland creature that originally leads Alice to Wonderland. The White Rabbit is figure of some importance, but he is manic, timid, and occasionally aggressive.

Queen of Hearts: The ruler of Wonderland. The Queen is severe and domineering.

King of Hearts: The submissive coruler of Wonderland. The King is ineffectual and generally unlikeable, but lacks the Queen’s ruthlessness and undoes her orders of execution.

Caterpillar: A Wonderland creature. The Caterpillar sits on a mushroom, smokes a hookah, and treats Alice with contempt.

Frog Newsie: A courier of Wonderland

Fish Newsie: A courier of Wonderland

Cheshire Cat: A perpetually grinning cat who appears and disappears at will. The Cheshire Cat displays a detached, clearheaded logic and explains Wonderland’s madness to Alice.

Mad Hatter: A small, impolite hatter who lives in perpetual tea-time. The Mad Hatter enjoys frustrating Alice.

March Hare: The Mad Hatter’s tea-time companion. The March Hare takes great pleasure in frustrating Alice.

Dormouse: The Mad Hatter and March Hare’s companion

Tweedledum:  A Wonderland character similar in attitude, character, and speech to Tweedledee

Tweedledee: A Wonderland character similar in attitude, character, and speech to Tweedledum

Door #1-#3: Entry doors that tease Alice

Tiny Door: A small version of the doors that tease Alice

Chorus Member #1-#4: Ensemble cast members

Lily: A Judgmental Wonderland Flower

Rose: A Judgmental Wonderland Flower

Violet: A Judgmental Wonderland Flower

Queen’s Guard #1: A guard to the Queen of Hearts

Queens’s Guard #2: A guard to the Queen of Hearts

About The Auditions

Ages 8 & up are encouraged to audition. Please prepare a short, 1-minute monologue in the style of the show for the audition. If you are cast, you should feel comfortable with movement and choreography. A dance call will not be held.

Please sign up for an audition slot on our SignupGenius page.

The callback list will be posted on the RLT Website by Noon on Wednesday, February 21

Callbacks will be held at 7pm on Wednesday, February 21 in the Sutton Theatre

About The Production Team

Director: Chasta Hamilton
Stage Manager: Emma Heath
Costume Designer: Vicki Olson
Scenic Designer: Jeannine Borzello
Lighting Designer: Kaitlin Rider-Gill

Audition Forms

Interested in auditioning? Here are some forms to complete and bring to auditions:

Contact Patrick Torres at patrick@nullraleighlittletheatre.org with any questions.