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Antigone, defying her uncle Creon’s decree that her brother should remain unburied, challenges the morality of man’s law overruling the laws of the gods. The clash between her and Creon with its tragic consequences have inspired continual reinterpretation.

By Sophocles
Translated by Don Taylor

July 19 – 28, 2019
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

Presented by RLT’s Teens on Stage and Teens Backstage.

Directed by Meredyth Pederson Cooper.

View the photos by Elly McClanahan.


Antigone: Valerie Pesot
Ismene: Brynna Rosenberg

The Chorus:
Laura Lillian Baggett
Eowyn Blum
Maya Burchell
Jenna Davenport
Audrey Jones
David Morrison
Elikya Mwanda
Mia Purse

Creon: David Snee
Soldier: Jessica Soffian
Haemon: Sean Moss
Eurydice/Chorus: Caroline Farmer
Messenger/Chorus: Hannah Cox

Teens Backstage

Hannah Jarrett
Peyton Joyner
Alex Matta
Rae Quarles
Fabienne van Rijssen
Robert deRosset
Ellen Stowell

Production Team

Director: Meredyth Pederson Cooper
Assistant Director: Samuel Walker
Choreographer: Jess Barbour
Scenic Designer: Kylee Silvas
Lighting Designer: Ryann Norris
Costume Designer: Elly McClanahan
Sound Designer: John Maruca
Assistant Sound Designer: Rae Quarles
Production Manager & Technical Director: Dennis R. Berfield
TBS Technical Director: Kylee Silvas
Stage Manager: Anna Brescia
TBS Teaching Assistant: Savannah Johnson
Dramaturg: Sara Thompson

Conservatory Teachers

Movement for the Actor: Jess Barbour
Voice and Speech Techniques: Rebecca Bossen

House Managers

Morgan Harris (Coordinator)
Laurel Drobits
Claire Huene
Greg Lytle
Monica Salda