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Journey to the land of Narnia. Discover the magic and mystery of Aslan, the great lion, his struggle with the White Witch, and the adventures of four children who inadvertently wander into an old wardrobe. This story of love, faith, courage, and giving, with its triumph of good over evil, is a true celebration of life.

Dramatized by Joseph Robinette
Story by C.S. Lewis

October 19 – November 4, 2018
Cantey V. Sutton Theatre

Directed by Patrick Torres

View the photos by Dennis Berfield and Tyler Cunningham.

Scene from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. Photo by Tyler Cunningham.


Aslan: Justin Scranton
White Witch: Heather J. Strickland
Lucy: Aura Pugeda
Edmund: Miles Wiedmann
Susan: Taylor Gantt
Peter: Jacob Sen
Mr. Beaver: Matthew Hurley
Mrs. Beaver: Freyja Helmer-Sindemark
Unicorn: Zoe Wright
Centaur: Christopher McBennett
Tumnus: Gus Allen
Fenris Ulf: Devon Ingham
Dwarf: Christopher Jordan
Father Christmas: Wayne Burtoft
Elf / White Stag: Addison Wells
Wood Nymph / Witch’s Army / Ensemble:
Sam Davis
Sara S. Frantz
Jessica Jordan
Seamus Scranton
Maryjayne Scranton
Noah Zimmermann

Production Team

Director: Patrick Torres
Scenic Designer: Miyuki Su
Lighting Designer: Darby Madewell
Costume Designer: Jenny Mitchell
Sound Designer: John Maruca
Production Manager / Technical Director: Dennis R. Berfield
Assistant Technical Director: Alec Haklar
Stage Manager: Cynita Lew
Assistant Stage Manager: Barbara Witherwax
Props Master: Sarah Allen


Set Construction Crew: Dustin Bowles, Clay Ferebee, Thursday Crew: Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Don Gillett, Gene Harshbarger, Charles Hart, Don Miller, Russ Owen

Special Thanks: Sonya Drum, Ian Robson, Oliver Su, Paul Su, Hank Wang, Heather Youngblood

Costume Shop Crew: Vicki Olson & Jeremy Clos (Shop Managers), Elizabeth Anderson, Mardy Bell, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Sheila Denn, Janice Freeman, Susan Gale, Taylor Gantt, Ann Haigler, Linda Hames, Catherine Lambe, Bonita McPherren, Alana Murphy-Hinton, Cheri Murphy-Hinton, Jessica Pullen, Mallory Shultz, Nicole Solera, Catherine Sprankle, Pam Swanstrom, Olga Tartcheva, Danielle Welch, Linda Wellnitz, Ben Whitley

Armor making and crafts: Ann Boivin, Ben Whitley

Sound Crew: Barbara Corbin, Eric Krebs, Justin Stepney

Light Crew: Christopher Blackwell, Joseph Heil, Catherine Lambe, Brennan Reilly

Props Crew: Chris Acevedo, Teresa Edmundson, Elizabeth Heavey

Child Wranglers: Neha Frantz, Nicole Medlin, Mandy Scranton, Rachel Pugeda

Deck Crew: Dan Bain, Dustin Bowles, Ross Bradshaw, Jay Butcher, Joseph Heil, John Laible, Amy McPherson

House Managers: Morgan Harris (Coordinator), Judy M. Dove, Herb Estes, Claire Huene, Greg Lytle

Audition Crew: Marie Berry (Coordinator), Barbara Corbin, Linda Fetsko Depo, Ann-Marie Gerney, Julie Snee

Audio Describers: Lisa Brady, Elizabeth Kahn