Recent college grad, Princeton, moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. Along with his new friends, Princeton struggles to find a job, date, and discover an ever-elusive purpose in life. Filled with gut-busting humor and a delightfully catchy score, not to mention puppets, this truly unique show has quickly become a favorite for audiences everywhere.

June 2, 2017 – June 25, 2017
Cantey V. Sutton Theatre

View the photos by Areon Mobasher.

Avenue Q


Princeton: Aaron Boles
Rod: Bradley Waelbroeck
Nicky: Freddy Perkins
Trekkie Monster: Aubrey Comperatore
Kate Monster: Brett Williams
Lucy: Lydia D. Kinton
Bad Idea Bear Boy: Matthew Sheaffer
Bad Idea Bear Girl: Mary Bain
Mrs. T: Brett Yates
Brian: Brett Yates
Gary Coleman: Brandi Parker
Christmas Eve: Alex Matsuo

Voice Overs: Ellie J. Comperatore, Benjamin Parker, Ian Parker, Solomon Parker, Story Torres

Production Team

Director: Jesse R. Gephart
Assistant Director: Ben Pluska
Artistic Director: Patrick Torres
Music Director: Katherine Anderson
Scenic Designers: Miyuki Su & Duncan Jenner
Technical Director: Duncan Jenner
Lighting Designer: Cailen Waddell
Costume Designers: Jenny Mitchell & Vicki Olson
Sound Designer: Todd Houseknecht
Production Manager: Todd Aberts
Stage Manager: Adam Budlong
Assistant Stage Manager: Ory Owen
Puppetry: Kevin Roberge
Puppet Paramedic: Kerry Falkanger
Animation: Kat Randle


Keyboard: Katherine Anderson
Bass: Keith Lewis
Guitar: Jordan Hubbard
Percussion: Tim Wall
Reed: Gregg Gelb

Production Crew

Costume Shop Crew: Vicki Olson, Jenny Mitchell (co-shop managers), Betsy Bates, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Ann Haigler, Susan Kimmel, April Moore, Debbie Sherrod

Deck Running Crew: Alan Waller (Crew Chief), Chris Gordon, Alex Gromo, Kellie Hines, Shawntel Landavazo, Tony Landavazo, Kim Manturuk

Light Board Crew: Barbara Witherwax (Crew Chief), Chris Barefoot, Christopher Blackwell, Barbara Corbin, Howard Kushner

Spotlight Crew: Barbara Witherwax (Crew Chief), Chris Acevedo, Brenna Edwards, Chan Harrison, Caitlin Power

Sound Crew: Todd Houseknecht (Crew Chief), Eric Krebs, Shannon Plummer-White, Alex Rivers, Kristen Stinnett

Props Crew: Michael Teleoglou (Crew Chief), Steve Shay, Justin Thomas, Chelsey Winstead

Set Construction Crew: Steve Gerney, Michael Gorman, Sara Matthews, Thursday Crew:  Dave Davis, Don Gillett, Gene Harshbarger, Charles Hart, Don Miller, Jack Murray, Russ Owen

Painting Crew: Camryn Faison, Elizabeth Iaquinta, Jen Leiner, Sara Mathews, Barbara McCausland, Caitlin Romig-Koch, Gavin Romig-Koch, Alan Waller, Barbara Witherwax

House Managers: Judy M. Dove (coordinator), Michael Dunavan, Brian Fisher, Kathy Lagana, Lilo Miles, Joel Schaer, Judi Wilkinson

Audio Describers: Lisa Brady, Susi Michelau