The Velveteen Rabbit

Adapted by James Still.
From the story by Margery Williams.

Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre
March 6 – 22, 2015

View the photos by David Watts.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Fairytale. The beloved tale of a velveteen rabbit who wants to be real. “There are two ways to be real,” the hobby horse says. “The first is when you are real to one special child, and the second is when you are real to the world.” Come see the wonderful story of the love between a boy and his stuffed toy.


Production team

Production crews

Costume Crew: Vicki Olson (Crew Manager), Mary Ali, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Ann Haigler, Susan Kimmel, Bonita McPherren, Tana Sheehan, Debbie Sherrod, Jean Wilkinson, Judy Wray

Make-up crew: Ruth Berry, Riley Watson

Light Crew: Heyward Grainger, Zoe Watts, Scott Wray

Sound Crew: Barbara Corbin, Katherine Lochbaum, Dylan McKeand

Set Construction Crew: Ward Bowen, Ray Bullard, Noel Butzke, Dave Davis, Don Hamilton, Maddie Hayes, Karie Moyer, Russ Owen, Steve Shay, Dave Wray

House Managers: Sarah Jones, Lee King, Liz Kodadek, Sheila Marsh, Susan Mygatt, A. Elizabeth Robinson, Tara Smith, Betsy Walters, Kelly Watson, Judi Wilkinson

Audition crew: Marie Berry, Judy Dove, Tamara Hopson, Gerrie Kouri, Gloria Rich, David Watts