Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Cantey V. Sutton Theatre
February 13 – March 1, 2015

Comedy. Beatrice and Benedick disdain love and each other – which makes them a perfect match. If they can’t see how much they belong together, perhaps they can be tricked into it. Or maybe the villain Don John will succeed in destroying the marriage between the young lovers, Claudio and Hero, and poison everyone’s faith in love. Themes of honor, shame, and politics collide in Shakespeare’s comedic look at how we love.

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Much Ado About Nothing


Production team:

Production crews:

Costume Crew: Jenny Mitchell (Crew Manager), Mary Ali, Brooke Beasley, Barbara Biggs, Ann Boivin, Lauren Coleman, Sheila Denn, Ann Haigler, Susan Kimmel, Bonita McPherren, Heather Meadows, Emily Michaud, Dara Page, Nancy Pennington, Debbie Sherrod, Cathy Sprankle, Pamela Swanstrom, Lydia Wagner, Kelly Watson, Jean Wilkinson, Judy Wray

Light Crew: Barbara Corbin, Jack Hall, Bunny Saffron

Sound Crew: Austin Gain (Crew Chief), Alexis McGee, Brandon McGee, Katie Moyer, Alex Rivers

Props Crew: Michael Teleoglou (Crew Chief), Anna Compton, Heyward Grainger, Sarah Rivers

Dresser Crew: Marie Berry (Co-crew Chief), Sarah Spagnoli (Co-crew Chief), Karen-Leigh Allen, Ruth Berry, Jamie Eagerton, Debra Gallo, Emily Richbourg, Kelly Watson, Hannah Wolfert

Set Construction Crew: Ray Bader, Ward Bowen, Shane Burks, Alex Gromo, Maddie Hayes, Elizabeth Iaquinta, Katie Moyer, Carly Nelson, Teri Taylor, Dave Davis, Noel Butzke, Don Hamilton, Don Miller, Russ Owen, Dave Wray

Scenic Artist and Welding Apprentice: Maddie Hayes

House Managers: Shelley Crisp, Lee King, Liz Kodadek, Lilo Miles, Michael Parrill, Brenda Perry, Betsy Walters, Kelly Watson, Judi Wilkinson

Audition crew: Marie Berry, Adrienne Dyson, Bunny Safron, Jack Safron