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By Tina Howe
Music by Mel Marvin
Presented by RLT’s Teens on Stage

July 13 – 22, 2012
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

Folk tale. Set in the midst of a bitter Norwegian winter, this is an enchanting story about a brave young woman. A White Bear visits a peasant family promising great riches if they allow their daughter, Tove, to come and live with him. She travels with the Bear to his castle where she discovers that he is a bewitched Prince. They fall in love but are separated. On a quest to save him, Tove encounters eerie hags, the four winds and dangerous trolls.

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Production Staff

Teens on Stage Conservatory Instructors

Teens Backstage Instructors


Audition Crew: Marie Berry, Tamara Hopson, Gloria Rich, Alyssa Petrone

Costume Shop Crew: Mardy Bell, Marie Berry, Barbara Biggs, Christy Booth, Kim Clark, Delora Creech, Erin Dunphy, Ann Haigler, Susan Kimmel, Yvonne Koch, Joanne Kochuk, Catherine Lambe, Nicole Long, Irma MacGregor, Kia Manuel, Kathy Mauney, Jenny Mitchell, Elaine Petrone, Tana Shehan, Debbie Sherrod, Julie Tomlin, Jean Wilkinson, Jane Williams, Judy Wray

House Managers: Julie Coburn, Lynn Freeman, Tamara Hopson, Liz Kodadek, Wanda Langston, Susan Mygatt, Lynn Patrick

Production Running Crew: Teens Backstage

Set Construction and Puppet/Props Construction: Teens Backstage

Teens Backstage: Bryan Bunch, Drew Caterinicchio (Teaching Assistant), Jeremy Diamond, Mary Hopkins, Joseph Hough, Barry Liu

Whale Puppeteers: Bryon Bunch, Mary Hopkins