Allan Maule

Allan Maule is a Durham-based playwright and writer with more than twelve years of writing experience for the stage and digital media. His plays have been performed in New York, Chicago, and theaters across NC. Favorite productions of his plays include Framing the Shot (Sonorous Road Theater, Wordshed Productions), EverScape (NYC Fringe 2015 and Sonorous Road Theater), Tales and Fermentations (SEED Art Share with the City of Raleigh Museum), Two Late(Carrboro Arts Center 10×10), An Awkward Family Boodle (Burning Coal Theatre), Imperfect Strangers (Sonorous Road), and Objectively (Sonorous Road). Allan also worked as a video game writer and voice director on the MMORPG Fallen Earth and the serious games GE 2050 and UptickAllan is a graduate of Duke University and holds a masters in performance studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.