Audition Information / Announcements

Cast list for Cinderella


Thanks for everyone for auditioning – you guys were all awesome. We had some difficult choices to make, and far more talented people than roles to fill. Everyone will be required for Monday night’s rehearsal at 7:00 in the Gaddy stage, to fill out paperwork, pick up scripts, and generally meet the other people in the cast – and we’ll do some actual rehearsing in the cracks. Specifically, we’ll start working on group music numbers,
starting with pieces that include the mice so we can turn them loose a little early. We’re still sorting thru conflicts, so it may take a day or two before we have a final rehearsal schedule, but we’d like to have something by Monday if possible so you can go about planning your lives.

If you have any questions please contact Rod or Nancy at, or, or our stage manager, Emma Heath at We can already tell it’s going to be a great year, and we’re really excited about it!

Lauren Bamford

Davis Leonard

King Darling
Tim Locklear

Tim Cherry

Dennis Poole

Alison Lawrence

Fairy Godmother
Tina Morris-Anderson

Fairy Helpers
Rebekah Holland
Elizabeth Quesada

Lanif Azcona
Charleigh Smith

Mairym Azcona
Veronica Gilligan
Aydan Hansen
Zachary Jones
Isaiah McGuire
Shannon Plummer-White
Emily Spain
Shane Walsh

Clara Beck
Claire Fellows
Bowen Johnson
Samiyah Aires Rust