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Callbacks: Blood Wedding


To everyone who auditioned for Blood Wedding – thank you so much for your time and talent over the last couple of days. The callback list contains folks we need to see a little more from to make our final decisions. You may notice that some parts are not listed, so you may still be in consideration even if your name is not on this list. Callbacks will start with assigned readings and then you will learn a song from the show if you are willing to sing.

Ensemble and Moon auditioners should arrive at 8pm unless you are called for other roles as well. Everyone else, please arrive by 7pm. Thanks, and we will see you tonight in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre (the same place you auditioned).

Jim Johnson
Simon Kaplan

Chase Condrone
Archil Megrelishvili

Daniel C-M Ryder
Jarred Pearce

Debbie Litwak-Kring
Christine Rogers
Denise Sepic
Deb Teitelbaum

Beggar / Death
Amelia Lumpkin
Carol Machuca
Ruthie Martinez
Elaine Quagliata
Denise Sepic
Benji Taylor Jones

Nunna Noe
Aysia Slade
Leah Webster

Debbie Litwak-Kring
Ruthie Martinez
Jillian Quist

Leonardo’s Wife
Katie Barrett
Mary Elizabeth Baumgarten
Miranda Curtis
Candace Hescock
Stephanie Spohrer

Zoe Barham
Casey O’Connor
Brynna Rosenberg
Gabriella Terrero

Tori Beaulieu
Hannah Calhoun
Olivia Callan
Cas Corum
Michael Bradley Lamont
Savannah Lange
Jarred Pearce
Ariel Penland
Skye Pham
Brynna Rosenberg
Danielle Santos