Saturday , 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Session 3: Sketch Comedy
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January 14 - February 25

The idea of writing comedic theatre that will make people laugh can seem difficult. But this fun and exciting class will offer students the opportunity to learn specific writing structures which are essential in creating effective sketch comedy. In this hilarious class, students will learn improvisational acting skills as they work together to write sketches to perform.

Instructor: Michelle Corbitt

Session 4: The Play's the Thing
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March 11 - May 6

Does Shakespeare just leave you intimidated? In this class, students will use theatre exercises, improvisation and even music to better understand the words of the greatest playwright of all time. Through the use of scenes and monologues, they will be introduced to language, character, movement and voice as they learn to bring Shakespeare’s characters to life with ease.

Instructor: Sue Scarborough

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