Audition Information / Announcements

Callback List for James And The Giant Peach


The following people have been called back for roles in James and the Giant Peach. Please come to the Sutton Lobby (where auditions were held) on Thursday, March 2 by 6:50pm.

Callbacks will take at least 90 minutes; parents may either wait in the lobby or come back about 8:30pm Sorry, parents may not come into the theatre to watch callbacks.

Thank you to all who auditioned! There were a great number of you and I greatly appreciate you coming out!

Women & girls:

Molly Anglum
Victoria Blake
Sinclaire Chance
Michelle Corbitt
Barbara diCiero
Madeline Epstein-Nelson
Caroline Farmer
Claire Fellows
Ann Forsthoefel
Freyja Helmer-Sindemark
Grace Kelly
Jacqueline Kelly
Rebecca Leonard
Laura Levine
Margaret Lowrance
Rachel McKay
McKayla Naiman
Denise Penven-Crew
Miana White

Men & boys:

Dan Bain
Chris Brown
Matthew Corkey
Matthew Hurley
Jonathan King
Michael McKenna
Sam Rutherford
David Snee
David Thomas
Damien Tomczyk
Jadon Wellum
Noah Zimmermann